Spanish Era

The Mother & Father of Katipunan: Melchora Aquino and Andres Bonifacio

The name Novaliches came from the name of a small village 60 kilometers away from the city of Valencia, Spain that was awarded to General Manuel Pavia y Lacy. The Child Queen Isabella II entitled him Marquez of Novaliches for having defended her from the claims of her uncle Prince Carlos during the Carlist Wars.

On February 2, 1854, General Pavia was sent to Manila to serve as the 62nd Governor General of the Philippines Islands. He was tasked to establish a penal colony where prisoners would be given lands they would develop in exchange for their freedom.

The colony was given the name Hacienda Tala since the once heavily-forested area became identical to one where a star (“tala”) had fallen after clearing. The Hacienda grew into a larger community that eventually became the town of Novaliches on January 26, 1856.

Novaliches’s Barangay Banlat then became the birthplace of the revolutionary heroine Melchora Aquino, better known as Tandang Sora and Mother of the Katipunan.

On July 7, 1892, Andres Bonifacio founded his revolutionary society in Barangay Pasong Tamo, Novaliches. Therefore, the First Cry of the Revolution against Spain happened in Novaliches. Twelve days after, the first bloody encounter between the Katipuneros led by Andres Bonifacio and the Spanish soldiers occured in Barangay Pasong Tamo on August 26, 1896.

Melchora Aquino eventually became a part of the revolutionary society and was known to treat sick Katipuneros near a duhat tree (now almost 160 years old and regarded a historical landmark) located in Barangay Kaligayahan. It was in Novaliches’ Barangay Pasong Putik where Tandang Sora was captured by the Spaniards prior to her exile to Guam in the latter part of 1896.