Public Affairs Ministry

The Public Affairs Ministry aims to raise awareness on current socio-political and cultural issues, form and empower responsible citizenry among the Catholic faithful, and create opportunities towards a just and humane Philippine society.

This Ministry works for the evangelization of politics by raising the sacred and patriotic love for one’s country, advocating principled politics and integrity in public service:

  • Forms and organizes Good Governance advocates in the parish;
  • Promotes the love and concern for one’s country by developing “Holy Heroes” from the ranks of the clergy, religious, and laity;
  • Partners with government agencies, non-government organizations, and socio-civic organizations in good governance and development programs;
  • Engages in policy studies, consultations, lobbying, and advocacies;
  • Engages in pre, during, and post-election programs and activities;
  • Promotes strong partnerships and active involvement in the Barangay to make the Barangay a center of development;
  • Addresses justice, protection, peace and order issues through multi-stakeholder collaborations and by seeking opportunities for the most vulnerable sectors in society;
  • Performs related tasks as the Parish Priest may assign.