Pastoral Care for Children and Vulnerable Adults Ministry

The Pastoral Care for Children and Vulnerable Adults Ministry or  PCCVA looks into the lot of children and adults who are in especially difficult circumstances. They may experience abuses, violence, oppression or discrimination.

The Ministry aims to raise awareness on these issues and to empower both children and adults as protectors of their rights to safety and participation:

  • Conducts awareness-raising programs and activities for adults and children on issues affecting them;
  • Develops advocates for children and vulnerable adults by engaging in formation programs;
  • Organizes a center, desk or a hotline to easily get connected with PCVA potential volunteers and victims of abuses;
  • Networks with other partners in the community (i.e. Barangay, schools, etc) in advancing the cause of children and vulnerable adults;
  • Performs related tasks as the Parish Priest may assign.




Rev. Fr. Luciano Ariel Felloni

Religious Coordinator:
Sr. Eloisa Holdiem, SDS

Case Manager:
Annalyn G. Angeles

Talitha Koum Center, Basement, St. Peter Parish, Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City

Telephone No.
(02) 442.1048