The Our Father Parish


The Parish of The Our Father was established on June 19, 1986 through a Decree of Establishment signed and sealed by then Archbishop of Manila Jaime L. Cardinal Sin and attested to by its Vicar General and Chancellor Msgr. Josefino S. Ramirez to cover the whole Barangay of Sauyo.

Before the creation of the Parish, Barangay Sauyo was part of the Pagkabuhay ng Panginoon Parish in Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City which was established by the Franciscans. Sauyo was then a mission territory of the Franciscans.

The first pastor and founding Parish Priest was Msgr. Ramon Vera. He was succeeded by Rev. Fr. Joel Ador, during whose term the PREX movement began. In 1994, Fr. Joel was replaced by Rev. Fr. Ramon N. Eloriaga who spearheaded the construction of the present church.

In 2003, Rev. Fr. Jerome U. Rosalinda became the fourth Parish Priest followed by Rev. Fr. Elie G. Tepace in 2007. He and the rest of the community celebrated the Parish’s 26th Foundation Anniversary and Feast on June 17, 2012. Fr. Antonio Dela Cruz, O.Carm took seat as Parish Administrator last June 2013.

The feast day of the Parish is Easter Sunday.

Address Parish Priest Vicariate
Delnacia Ville 4, Sauyo, Novaliches, 1116 Q.C. Rev. Fr. Antonio D. Dela Cruz San Isidro Labrador Vicariate
Contact Number Feast Day Date Established
939.8688 Easter Sunday June 19, 1986
Preceding Pastor Parish Link
Rev. Fr. Eleno G. Tepace

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