San Jose, Ang Tagapagtanggol Parish

Sometime in 1978, a group of devoted Catholics in Doña Juana, Barangay Holy Spirit began organizing themselves into a community of faith through the celebration of the Eucharist. They invited priests to preside for the celebrations and eventually came up with the idea of building a small chapel, which was realized months later with the aid of the community. Before the year ended, the small chapel was at most of its completion.

It was on that year that the people had the Block Rosary, which prompted the people to come up with a fiesta. They chose March 19 as their feast day and named the chapel in honor of St. Joseph, which was under the Holy Spirit Parish. A guest priest from the Holy Spirit Parish regularly visited the chapel and administered the spiritual needs of the community.

As years went on, the expansion of the small chapel was needed to accommodate the growing community. The extension of the chapel started in 1989 and was finished three years after. Rev. Fr. Rodel San Juan was assigned as resident chaplain in 1994. Hence forth, they began the construction of the convent for the chaplain. This was followed by the erection of the big church and the adoration chapel.

The chapel’s elevation into a parish began in early 1997 through a petition sent to Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin. Cardinal Sin accepted the request and suggested that the parish be named “San Jose and Tagapagtanggol” because St. Joseph is the defender of the Holy Family, the faith and the defender of the Church. This appeared in the decree of erection of the parish on June 7, 1997.

The Parish was was established on May 1, 1997 with Rev. Fr. Rolyn Francisco as its first Parish Priest. Fr. Bong served until 2007 and completed the unfinished projects of Fr. Rodel, aside from initiated formations and improved parish activities during his time.

A decade after its erection, the Order of Friars Minor took over the administration of the parish of San Jose ang Tagapagtanggol. Fr. Benito A. Claveria, OFM was installed by Bishop Antonio Tobias, D.D. as the second parish priest on June 29, 2007, which is the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. Fr. Vino Faminialagao, OFM and Fr. Jimmy Giron, OFM assisted Fr. Ben. The renovation of the altar and the improvement of the mezzanine at the third floor and the façade of the parish was completed 10 months after Fr. Ben was installed.

Fr. Wilfredo S. Benito, OFM replaced Fr. Ben on February 2009. He was accompanied by Fr. Vino Faminialagao, OFM as parochial vicar, Fr. Jimmy Giron, OFM as Guardian, and Br. Jhoan Pader, OFM. On the following year, Fr. Jimmy was transferred. Fr. Napoly Pasion,OFM took place as Parochial Vicar. He is also the School Director of St. Joseph Parochial School, which is the realization of Cardinal Sin’s dream. A four story building was recently erected for the school.

Fr. Willy’s and the PPC aggressively pursued the erection of the new altar, which was blessed on February 6, 2010 by most Rev. Bishop Antonio R. Tobias, D.D. Aside from the altar, the office of the parish priest and parish office were also renovated. Fr. Willy and the PPC continue to work hand in hand on the different projects, programs, formations and activities of the Parish.

The San Jose Ang Tagapagtanggol Parish is located in Sto. Domingo St., Doña Juana Homes, Holy Spirit, Quezon City. Its feast day is on May 1.

Quick Facts

Vicariate: Holy Spirit
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Jerome A. Ponce, OFM
Preceding Pastor: Rev. Fr. Wilfredo S. Benito, OFM, Rev. Fr. Arnel Percival P. Tayem, OFM
Date Established: May 1, 1997
Feast Day: May 1

Contact Details

Address: Sto. Domingo St., Doña Juana Homes, Holy Spirit, 1127 Q.C.
Contact Number: 932.3307 (telefax), 427.3235

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