San Jose, Amang Mapagkalinga Parish

San Jose, Amang Mapagkalinga Parish

Established on February 15, 1994, the San Jose, Amang Mapagkalinga Parish is located in Phase 5, Bagong Silang, Caloocan City.

The San Jose Amang Mapagkalinga Parish received its Chaplaincy status on December 29, 1993 through a Decree signed by the late Archbishop of Manila Jaime Cardinal L. Sin. Dedicated to the patronage of St. Joseph, its territorial boundaries at that time included the NHA Tala Estate Site Project Phases II, III, V, and VII.

Because of its Chaplaincy, the Parish boundaries had to be revised to exclude what was put into the former. On October 30, 2005, the Parish received its official Titular after the deed to the lot where the Church now stands was officially transferred to the Diocese of Novaliches.

Rev. Fr. Jiji Manjackal, MSFS, was assigned Parochial Vicar on September 22, 2010 while Rev. Fr. Joseph Pattarakalayil, MSFS became the Parish Priest on May 15, 2010.

The feast day of the Parish is March 19.

Address Parish Priest Vicariate
Phase 5, Bagong Silang, 1428 Caloocan City Rev. Fr. Ralph V. Mestosamente Sto. Niño Vicariate
Contact Number Feast Day Date Established
225.7356 March 19 February 15, 1994
Preceding Pastor Parish Link
Rev. Fr. Jimmy Joseph Parayankuzhiyil, MSFS
Exact location