Mary, Mother of the Church Parish

Mary, Mother of the Church Parish was formerly the Our Lady of Visitation Church (OLV) situated at the in Cielito Homes, Barangay 177, Zone 15, Camarin, Caloocan City. The Parish was established as a Parish on March 27, 2005. Its designated Pentecost Sunday as its feast day.

Looking back at the Parish’s history means looking back at the history of Cielito Homes, which has a rich history. In 1980, Cielito Homes was established through the joint venture of the Government represented by the Ministry of Human Settlement (BLISS and PSSPO) and the Zamora Estate through its developer Lagman Realty.

The early housing awardees were then invited to attend the holy mass at the Cielito Chapel. Fr. John Keenan, a Columban and former Parish Priest of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, had encouraged the awardees to build a chapel for themselves in May 1985. By July 6, 1985, the first mass was celebrated at the Cielito Homes chapel. In less than a year, the first Fiesta Mass was celebrated on May 31, 1986 in honor of Our Lady of the Visitation when the chapel emerged as a Sub Parish.

A bigger chapel was built on August 19, 1990 to accommodate more church goers through the auspices of Fr John Moran, a Jesuit parish priest of OLLP, and with the help of Msgr. Nguyen Van Tai of Radio Veritas.

When St. Agnes Parish was established on July 1, 1995 with Rev. Fr. Ritchell B. Zerudo as Parish Priest, the OLV subparish was transferred under its pastoral care. It was in the time of Fr. Marlou Lamaire in October 2002 as second parish priest of St. Agnes parish when the creation of a new church building for OLV began.

The OLV lay leaders, two years after, petitioned Bishop Antonio Tobias to elevate the Our Lady of the Visitation Sub Parish into Parish status as it was under the Diocese of Novaliches at this time. Thus, on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005, the Bishop issued a decree establishing the Mary Mother of the Church Parish and designating Pentecost Sunday as its Feast Day. Fr. Marlou Lemaire was appointed as the acting Parish Priest of the New Parish on April 2, 2005.

The groundbreaking rites to signal the construction of the permanent church structure began on April 23, 2006. Due to limited resources, the original 3-floor structure was trimmed down into two floors.

On June 1, 2007, the Diocesan Reshuffle took place. Fr. Marlou was retained as acting Parish Priest with Msgr. Pietro Nguyen Van Tai as Co- Pastor. However, this did not last as three other pastors came in one after the other each year. These are Fr. Lawrence Victor M. Lugo, AM (April 2008); Fr. Luisito “Loi” Divino,CICM (April 2009-Sept, 2009); and Fr. Vicente R. Amaro, Jr, DS (July 30, 2010-Present). There were also several guest priests who served in the Parish. To name a few: Fr. Doy Rosales, Fr. Elver, Fr. Larry Miranda, Fr. Lawrence Victor Lugo,AM, Fr. Loi Divino and Fr. Bernard Bueno.

Quick Facts

Vicariate: Our Lady of Lourdes
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Leonides Laguilles
Preceding Pastor/s: Rev. Fr. Vicente R. Amaro, DS; Rev. Fr. Edward O. Gallora, DS; Rev. Fr. Leoncito Falcasantos, Jr.
Date Established: March 27, 2005
Feast Day: Pentecost Sunday

Contact Details

Address: Cielito Homes, Zabarte Road, Camarin 1422 Caloocan City
Contact Number: 961.5318 (telefax)

Exact Location