Ina ng Lupang Pangako Parish

The Ina ng Lupang Pangako Parish is found at the middle part of Bgy. Payatas B and near the La Mesa Reservoir, the water resource for Metro Manila, and a 16 hectare open dumpsite for solid waste disposal. The hazards of a contaminated environment and the gaseous emissions from the open dump and the valley fault system that traverses along the eastern borders might make Payatas a “dangerous place” in which to live, but throngs of urban poor from all over Metro Manila and the provinces seek life and home in Payatas.

When the Urban Poor Affairs Office of the Quezon City government evicted families from Tatalon, Cubao, Kamuning, Pinyahan and other parts of Quezon City, these were dumped in a vacant area in Payatas in 1989 and were made to believe that it was a relocation site. There was no electricity and potable water. The residents called the place Lupang Pangako (Promised Land) while others called it Urban after the name of the office which resettled them.

The uprooted families were so numerous not to be noticed by Jaime Cardinal Sin who asked some religious orders to walk or journey with them. Unknown to the priests, Cardinal Sin purchased lots in 1991 from the Lozano family and in 1992 from the Rufina Realty, the owners. The purchased lots were to be used for the construction of the church and a home for the priests.

In the 80’s, the Jesuits came to Payatas and ministered to the spiritual needs of the people. Fr. Joel Tabora, SJ of Kristong Hari Foundation and Fr. John Carrol, SJ of the Institute on Church and Social Issues were the first priests who served the parishioners in Ina ng Lupang Pangako including the six chapels.

In May 1991, the Parish was officially entrusted to the pastoral administration of the Vincentian Missionaries. The parish has a main church in a densely populated area and six other satellite chapels. To meet the needs of the parishioners, a “dual community model” of Parish Ministry was developed. Community-based approaches and organizing efforts were used to reach out to the needy sectors of the society. The Vincentian Missionaries Social Development Foundation, Inc. (VMSDFI ) headed by Fr. Norberto Carcellar, CM, became the social action of the Parish. In 1 993, Fr. Carcellar initiated an integrated Payatas Waste-Pickers’ Development Program involving appropriate welfare and service delivery programs for the lowest 20% of the Payatas urban poor population.

Rehabilitation programs for disabled children, working children, tuberculosis patients in collaboration with the German doctors, maternal and child care, elderly care, and other supporting people-driven services were provided. On November 27, 2005, the laying of the time capsule for the construction of the new church was held. Rev. Fr. Aldrin Suan, CM, began the construction of the Bro. Roqueto building and the foundation of the church. Fr. Suan left in 2008 and Rev. Fr. Rowen Carlos, CM completed the final touches.

At present, the Ina ng Lupang Pangako Parish with its parish priest, the assistant parish priests and the Parish Pastoral Council are working together for the WESTFLY-BEC functions for evangelization and the parish pastoral needs of the community.

Quick Facts

Vicariate: Ina ng Lupang Pangako
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Peter C. Hequilan, CM
Preceding Pastor/s: Rev. Fr. Emilio L. Adawe, CM, Rev. Fr. Michael S. Sandaga, CM
Date Established: December 7, 1990
Feast Day: November 27

Contact Details

Address: Urban, Bgy. Payatas B 1119 QC
Contact Number: 500.0239
Facebook: none

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