Holy Trinity Parish

holytrinityparishThe beginnings of the Holy Trinity Parish in the Chopin St., Ideal Subd., Capitol District, Quezon City, may be traced to the initiative of Tino Mencero, President of Ideal Homeowners Association who presented the idea of erecting a chapel to the Hobart Realty and Development Co., the developer of Ideal Subdivision. The Halili family, the owner, donated a lot on Chopin Street.

The construction of the chapel started in 1980 and, through generous donations of time, talent, and treasure, the Chapel was built. It was named after St. Anthony and was a Sub-Parish of the Good Shepherd Parish.

On December 11, 1982, the Holy Trinity Parish was formally established but its first Parish Priest Fr. Roger Abasolo was installed two years later. Then Fr. (now Msgr.) Dan Santamaria took over when Fr. Roger’s term ended. He was succeeded respectively by Fr. Gerry Mascarina, Fr. Joven Antique, and Fr. Nong Yebra.

During the term of Fr. Nong, negotiations were started with the owner of the Don Jose Heights, the Desiderio Family which generously donated a corner lot on Geraldin and Candelaria Streets. Fr. Bobby Titco, who succeeded Fr. Nong, started the fund raising for the construction of the Church. The foundation of the new Church was already laid when Fr. Bobby was transferred to another parish and Fr. Joseph Biliran took his place.

In June 2005, Bishop Antonio Tobias, formally dedicated the new Church of Holy Trinity Parish. Fr. Jun Peralta took over as Parish Priest in June 2006. He was assisted by then Guest Priest Fr. Luciano Felloni, who later became the Assistant Parish Priest after he was incardinated in the Diocese. Fr. Luciano was designated as the Parish Priest when Fr. Jun was transferred to another Parish on March 29, 2009. The Parish currently consists of 21 areas of which 12 have chapels. The feast day of the Parish is the Sunday after Pentecost. Fr. Gomer Adlaon is its Administrator until July 31, 2013 when Fr. Jaime Z. Lara takes seat as Parish Priest.

Address Parish Priest Vicariate
Geraldin St. Cor. Candelaria St. , Don Jose Heights, Bgy. Commonwealth, 1118 Quezon City Rev. Fr. Jaime Z. Lara Cathedral Shrine of the Good Shepherd Vicariate
Contact Number Feast Day Date Established
427.8080, 431.2225 (telefax) Sunday after Pentecost December 11, 1982
Preceding Pastor Parish Link
Rev. Fr. Luciano Ariel Felloni
Exact location