Holy Spirit Parish

Doña Romana Subdivision in Quezon City in the late 60s was just tracts of open space covered with tall cogon grasses. In the early 70s, the development of BF Homes began. Initially, a makeshift chapel served as a multi-purpose hall for social and religious activities.

On Sundays, a group of closely-knit families come together to hear mass at the multi-purpose hall with priests invited usually from the Ateneo de Manila University in Loyola Heights and neighboring parishes to celebrate the Mass. When the number of churchgoers increased, the liturgical celebrations moved to the clubhouse built by BF Homes, Inc. on the same spot where the Church now stands. It soon became the venue for the social activities of the Homeowners’ Association. The community furnished the hall with basic chapel equipment like statuary, altar table, pews, and lights.

A visiting Sri Lankan priest, Fr. Peter Kuruku Laarchi, offered his services and regularly officiated the Sunday morning masses. To care for the chapel, a Ladies Chapel Group (LCG) was organized. The LCG took care of the Chapel upkeep, and Mass paraphernalia, among others. The LCG also initiated the construction of the side extensions of the Chapel.

When Jaime Cardinal L. Sin announced on December 29, 1977 his plan to establish a new parish for BF Homes and its neighboring subdivisions, the LCG also prepared for the conversion of the community’s Chapel into a Parish.

Two years later, the dream became a reality with the help of Msgr. Fidelis Limcuaco (then Parish Priest of the Good Shepherd Parish in Fairview to which BF Homes used to belong). The Parish of the Holy Spirit was inaugurated by Cardinal Sin on May 25, 1980. Fr. Roy M. Rosales, just a year out of the seminary, was installed as first Parish Priest.

The Parish had 16 Sub-Parishes in 8 subdivisions and villages surrounding it at that time. It became a part of Barangay Holy Spirit on April 11, 1982 when the latter was created with the passage of Batasang Pambansa No. 546.

Fr. Nestor Gungon (September 1987), Fr. Reynaldo B. Bungay (February 9, 1991), Msgr. Marcelino Reyes (March 19, 1995), Fr. Tomas F. Flores, Jr. (mid-1997), and Fr. Jerome Rosalinda (June 2007) succeeded Fr. Roy as Parish Priest.

Under Fr. Jerome, the Parish became animated with PREX Seminars, Bible Studies, Prayer and Life Workshops and construction projects. Fr. Jerome gave rise to the Ruah (meaning spirit) Parish Center and to many firsts like the Palm Sunday processions. Fr. Victor Emmanuel I. Clemen became its Parish Priest in June 2013.

Quick Facts

Vicariate: Holy Spirit
Parish Priest:
Preceding Pastor: Rev. Fr. Quirino L. Aguilar, Jr., ESHT, Rev. Fr. Victor Emmanuel I. Clemen
Date Established: May 13, 1980
Feast Day: Pentecost Sunday

Contact Details

Address: Nepomuceno St ., BF Homes, Holy Spirit, 1127 Q.C.
Contact Number: 931.3995 (telefax), 881.4018 / 430.6311
Email: holyspiritparish1980@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holyspirit.bfqc

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