Holy Family Parish


The Holy Family Parish located in Pagkabuhay Road, Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City, was established on November 1, 1997 by the Late Cardinal Sin. At that time, it was still under the Archdiocese of Manila. It was entrusted under the pastoral care of Rev. Fr. Joel O. Jason, the first parish priest. Esther Panday was appointed as the first PPC Chairperson.

Prior to its establishment, Barangay Gulod, where the parish is located, was a part of Our Lady of Mercy Parish. It started in a very small chapel where liturgical celebrations are held and at the same time was used as pastoral centre.

Ministries were formed and active church workers grew in number since it became a parish. The parishioners gave their full support and assistance to the new parish priest. Under his leadership, we embarked on several fund raising activities and looked for generous patron to help us raise funds so we can build a bigger assembly place. The lot where the current church is located was bought by the Archdiocese of Manila.

Unluckily, Fr. Joel only served for a year as our pastor. He was sent to Rome to study. Rev. Fr. Emerico Garcia was appointed to take his place. It was under his term that the construction of the new parish church started. Towards the end of 2001, Cardinal Sin announced the establishment of Novaliches as a new diocese. Priests were given the freedom to choose whether they will stay in the new diocese or be assigned in the Archdiocese of Manila. Fr. Rico chose to be assigned in Manila. When he transferred to Manila, the parish was left with no parish priest for several months. It was only until after the formal establishment of the Diocese of Novaliches in the early part of 2003, that Fr. Aldrin Lopez was assigned as the third pastor. Ricarte Idago was then appointed as the new PPC chairperson.

Fr. Aldrin strengthened the different ministries of our parish. He focused on the formation of church leaders and catechism for children and the youth. The parish Vision-Mission-Goals was formulated. The Mekong Foundation came in to provide educational assistance to poor but deserving children and youth of our parish. We also started tutorial classes every Saturday. Through the Social Service ministry, livelihood classes were opened to those interested like practical electricity, cosmetology, Hotel and Restaurant Services, food processing courses, candle making and fancy jewellery making. To continue to raise funds for the on-going construction, a Balik-Handog project entitled “Sali ka na ba? Sali Na!” was launched. A pastoral building was erected. A clinic and a botika were housed in the new building to cater to the medical needs of its parishioners.

The year 2007 saw the first reshuffling of priests in the Diocese. Fr. Aldrin was transferred to Banal Na Sakramento and Fr. Jim Lara was assigned as the fourth parish priest. He continued all the on-going programs and projects of the parish but unluckily again; his stay in the parish was cut short. In the early part of 2008, Fr. Jim left to study abroad.

The parish was turned-over to a religious order, the Piarist Fathers. Rev. Fr. Alfredo Maglangit Jr., Sch.P. was appointed as our fifth parish priest with Fr. Marlon Nacua, Sch.P. as the Parochial Vicar. They continued to support the existing projects and programs of the parish. The first discernment of church leaders took place under his term. The first discerned PPC Chairperson was Josie Bernardino. Since their charism is education of children and the youth, Saturday workshops for children were conducted by the Piarist brothers. The order also offered scholarships to the youth who are active in the parish. For a year, the Piarist fathers operated a pre-school in the parish. It offered nursery and kinder classes. He started the tiling of the church flooring. But aside from being the parish priest, Fr. Aljun is also the Vocation Director of the order. So their superior decided to appoint another Piarist father to take his place.

Rev. Fr. Dennis Descallar, Sch.P. took over as the sixth parish priest around the middle of 2010. He finished the tiling of the church flooring plus the construction of the church ceiling. He also focused on BEC formation and establishments of buklurans in several areas of the parish. The presence of several priest in the parish made it possible to increase the number of masses not only in the main church but masses in the different areas. The VMG was also revisited and aligned with the VMG of the Diocese. The 2013 pastoral plan is in place and several projects have been initiated to raise funds to support all the pastoral programs of the parish. The experience and devastation brought about by Typhoon Ondoy and Tropical Depression Habagat placed into urgency the need to prepare the community for similar occurrence. That is why we had seminars on Risk Reduction and Management of an Evacuation Centre. We are in the process of organizing the community in preparation of the next rainy season.

At present, the has 6 active Buklurans (BEC groups), 16 areas, 6 chapels, 7 commissions, functioning ministries and organizations and many active and committed church workers. Through God’s Grace, parishioners expect the achievement of the dream of building a community where the members would continuously strive to give witness to Christian Values through selfless service to others, especially the poor and marginalized members of the community.

Its feast day is the 1st Sunday after Christmas.

Quick Facts

Vicariate: San Bartolome
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Wilmer D. Samillano, Sch.P.
Preceding Pastor: Rev. Fr. Alfredo N. Maglangit, Jr., Sch.P., Rev. Fr. Dennis P. Descallar, Sch.P.
Date Established: November 1, 1997
Feast Day: 1st Sunday after Christmas

Contact Details

Address: San Luis St. cor. Villareal St., Gulod, Novaliches 1117 Q.C.
Contact Number: 417.0874 (telefax), 419.7092
Email: hfp_gulod@outlook.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Holy-Family-Parish-Gulod-271925870136903/

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