Christ the King Parish

Christ the King Parish

Established on March 5, 1991, the Christ The King Parish is located in Filinvest II Homes, Batasan Hills, Quezon City. Its feast day is on November 20.

On August 25, 1983, the first mass was held at the subdivision’s clubhouse. In November 1984, the idea of building a Chapel was conceived. Fund-raising activities followed. In 1986, the homeowners decided that the Chapel will be named Christ the King. Cardinal Sin came for the ground-breaking ceremonies for the construction of the Chapel on the Feast of Christ the King, November 1987. By mid-1989, construction was in full swing.
On April 28, 1991, Cardinal Sin presided over the canonical erection of the parish community, the solemn consecration of the parish church and installation of the first parish priest Rev. Fr. Gerry Tapiador.

In 1994, the Lasalette Missionaries took over the parish with Fr. Francisco Maliwat, M.S., followed by Fr. Antonio Abuan, M.S. in 1997, Fr. Steven G. Munar, M.S. in 2000 and Fr. Andreas Sudarsono, M.S. in 2004 until August 9, 2007 as parish priests. Rev. Fr. Mario S. Sanchez, a Diocesan priest became the parish priest up to May 2013 when Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi was assigned as Parish Priest after the June 2013 Clergy Reshuffle.

Address Parish Priest Vicariate
Atlas St., Filinvest II Homes, Batasan Hills 1126 QC Rev. Fr. Ambrosio Nonato C. Legaspi Ina ng Lupang Pangako Vicariate
Contact Number Feast Day Date Established
932.0239 (telefax) November 20 March 5, 1991
Preceding Pastor Parish Link
Rev. Fr. Mario S. Sanchez

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