Christ, King of the Universe Parish


The Christ, King of the Universe Parish is located in Kingspoint Subdivision, Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City.

Established on June 16, 2004, the Christ, King of the Universe Parish is estimated to have a population of 3,200 families residing in three big subdivisions (Kingspoint, Goodwill, San Pedro), a Townhouse (Kasiyahan), and the urban-poor areas of Alipio, Babina, Bicol, California, Daniac, Dela Cruz, Francisco, Katipunan Kana, Oro, Pinera, and Tomasa in Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City.

Since 2005, CTKUP has already been under five Parish Priests: Rev. Fr. Eli Tepace (2004-2007), Rev. Fr. Mario Sanchez (June-July 2007), Rev. Fr. Joseph Biliran (2007-March 2009), Rev. Fr. Jun De Peralta (April 2009-December 2011), and Rev. Fr. Noy Azupardo (January 2012-Present).

The Parish has two Chapels and is active in the PREX, Summer Catechism, Lenten/Advent Recollection, and Hapag-asa Programs. A weekly clinic is held in the areas and in the Parish itself. Its feast day is the Feast of Christ the King. Rev. Fr. Danilo P. Pajarillaga came in as new Parish Priest in June 2013.

Quick Facts

Vicariate: San Bartolome
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Eleno G. Tepace
Preceding Pastor: Rev. Fr. Noel B. Azupardo (Admin), Rev. Fr. Danilo P. Pajarillaga
Date Established: June 16, 2004
Feast Day: Feast of Christ The King

Contact Details

Address: Kingspoint Subdivision, Bagbag, Novaliches, 1116 Q.C.
Contact Number: 937.8941 (telefax)

Exact Location