Ascension of Our Lord Parish

(Photo credit: Julius Cainglet)

The Ascension of Our Lord Parish in Lagro Sudivision was established in 1977 with the installation of its first Parish Priest, the late Rev. Fr. Walter de Vilder, CICM. Fr. Walter, a Belgian missionary priest of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, came to the middle class community upon the request of the late His Excellency Jaime Cardinal L. Sin, D.D. who saw the need to establish new parishes in the fast growing communities of Novaliches and acting upon the clamor of concerned homeowners of Lagro for a resident priest.

As the physical church was being built so, too, was the spiritual life of the community it serves. Thus, the Parish Pastoral Council and parish organizations were setup and officers were elected.

Now, in almost 42 years of existence the parish has grown and bore fruit. Former sub-parishes have become full grown parishes. Some youth leaders have become priests and religious that it was once recognized as the “Seed Bed of Vocation in the Archdiocese of Manila”. It was awarded for its social works for the poor.

The parish continues to thrive and serve the community proclaiming the good news of the Ascended Lord Jesus.

Fr. Walter served as Parish Priest until 2000. After him, the first Diocesan Parish Priest of the Ascension of Our Lord Parish took over in the person of Rev. Fr. Charlie Aldema, who served until 2007. He was succeeded by Rev. Fr. Bobot Clemen in 2007-2013, Rev. Fr. Rei Flores in 2013-2019, and, currently, Rev. Fr. Elpidio De Peralta, Jr.

Quick Facts

Vicariate: Ascension of Our Lord Vicariate
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Elpidio R. De Peralta, Jr.
Preceding Pastor/s: Rev. Fr. Victor Emmanuel I. Clemen, Rev. Fr. Reynaldo Percival S. Flores
Date Established: October 24, 1977
Feast Day: 2nd Sunday of May

Contact Details

Address: Ascension Hill corner Domingo de Ramos Street , Lagro, Novaliches, 1118 Quezon City
Contact Number: 417.4410 / 939.3596, 930.2233 (fax)

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