Migrants Ministry

Known as the Pastoral Care for Migrants and Itinerant People of Novaliches (PAMINOVA), the Migrants Ministry hopes to organize Overseas Filipino Workers families and their children to become productive partners in strengthening the family structure. It promotes the welfare of migrants and their families, in addressing the multiple concerns of this sector.

With the increasing number of OFWs, the parish shall work hand-in-hand with PAMINOVA as it:

  • Identifies the OFW families in the parish;
  • Conducts OFW Family Formation Program (OFFP) in communities;
  • Organizes the children of OFWs and conducts Sons and Daughters of OFW Formation Program (SDOFP) in partnership with schools;
  • Provides legal/ paralegal remedies and counseling services;
  • Forms parish advocates for OFW families;
  • Partners with other agencies and groups, concerned with migrant issues;
  • Performs related tasks as the Parish Priest may assign.




Rev. Fr. Leonides T. Laguilles

Assisting Couple Volunteers:
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Ramores

Jesus, Lord of the Divine Mercy Parish
Garcia St., Hobart Village, Kaligayahan, Novaliches, Quezon City

(02) 930.5927