Health and Nutrition Ministry

The Health and Nutrition Ministry is concerned with the physical well-being and total health of the person. They seek those who are malnourished, sickly, and whose health are neglected due to poverty and related circumstances. This it achieves as it:

  • Develops a sustainable program for health and nutrition of the parish;
    Recruits physicians, dentists, nurses and other professionals for the Clinic;
  • Organizes and mobilizes volunteers for feeding programs;
  • Monitors and periodically evaluates the programs;
  • Creates and manages a data base of beneficiaries;
  • Cascades the programs to the mission areas and works closely with the BECs;
  • Establishes partnerships with volunteers, government agencies, non-government or civic organizations to improve or expand the programs;
  • Performs related tasks as the Parish Priest may assign.

Currently, Ms. Dolores Salvador is the Lay Coordinator of the Health and Nutrition Ministry of the Social Action Commission.