Economic Development Ministry

Economic well-being is important in becoming self-reliant and sustainable. This Ministry aims to provide access to means which could alleviate poverty and leverage the creation of wealth in the community by influencing change in mindsets, structures, and socio-cultural conditions and availability of opportunities:

  • Works with the poor and marginalized in crafting economic development programs towards self-reliant families and communities;
  • Designs and implements savings mobilization, micro-financing, financial literacy, livelihood trainings, entrepreneurship and income-generating programs;
  • Creates management teams to spearhead planning, proper implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the programs;
  • Partners with government agencies, non-government or socio-civic organizations to improve or expand the programs;
  • Generates funds that can also subsidize and assist related start-up programs for economic development;
  • Performs related tasks as the Parish Priest may assign.

Presently, the Economic Development Ministry is headed by Ms. Angel Castro who acts as its Lay Coordinator.