A-J Religious Women Communities

ADC Handmaids of the Divine Heart
ASC Adorers of the Blood of Christ
BPS Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Good and Perpetual Succour
CM Carmelite Missionaries
CSHT Carmelite Sisters of the Holy Trinity
DC Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul
DCPB Daughters of Charity of the Most Precious Blood
DM Daughters of Mary, Mother of the Church
DSMP Daughters of St. Mary of Providence
FI Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate
FLP Franciscans of Our Lady of the Poor
FMM Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
FSE Franciscan Daughters of St. Elizabeth
FMSA Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi
FSSE Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth
FSPif Franciscan Sisters Pro Infante et Familia
HFB Holy Family of Bordeaux
HHT Handmaids of the Holy Trinity
HRC Handmaids of the Risen Christ
ICM Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
INSC Congregation of Carmelite Sisters Institute of Our Lady of Carmel