Diocesan Logo

The original settlement of Novaliches was established in 1854 when the 62nd Governor-General Manuel Pavia y Lacy, Marquez de Novaliches, offered prisoners their liberty and their right of land settlement if they were to clear the wasteland in the area.


When they accomplished this task, people from Polo and Morong migrated here to form what they called Hacienda Tala because the clearing of the wasteland came like a star from heaven.

The star thereby depicts this original settlement of the new Diocese. The Christmas star was specifically chosen by the clergy to signify that the Diocese was born in the season when Jesus was also born. The light shining from the star represents Fr Horacio de la Costa, SJ, noted with their establishment of the Sacred Heart Novitiate that Novaliches was pagus novae lucis or place of the new light.

In 1856, when the first Church was founded by the Augustinians, the parish was originally dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament and later to Our Lady of Mercy. The symbols of the Blessed Sacrament, namely the Chalice and the Host, were also the symbols used in the original logo of the Quezon City North Ecclesiastical District. The original village of Novaliches in Spain was found to be situated near Valencia whose cathedral now holds the original chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper.

The most important treasure also found in the original village of Novaliches was the chalice encrusted with amethysts donated by Gen. Manuel Pavia to their Chapel of San Miguel as a token of gratitude for their support of Isabella II in the Carlista war in Spain, who awarded him the title, Marquez de Novaliches.

The light blue color background is symbolic of the La Mesa Dam reservoir, main source of water for the whole Metro Manila and also represents the Marian character surrounding the presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.