Persons with Disabilities Ministry

The Persons With Disabilities Ministry is otherwise known as Novaliches Pastoral Outreach for the Welfare and Resources of the Disabled (NºPOWRD).

In the spirit of enthusiasm inspired by PCM II (Title VI, Sec. 10), N°POWRD was born in September of 2004 as plans were being made for the first Soarin’ Together and Moving On Christmas Celebration of Children-with-Disabilities in the following December.

Ministry Goals:
Full Inclusion of All Persons With Disabilities in the Church and in Society

Ministry Vision:
Faithfully committed to the teaching of Holy Mother, the Church, and totally dedicated to Her service, under the direct guidance and supervision of the Bishop of Novaliches, N°POWRD envisions persons-with- disabilities (henceforth, pwd’s) upholding their dignity as active, productive, self-reliant, and fulfilled members of God ‘s community in particular and our society in general.

Ministry Mission:
For persons with disabilities, N°POWRD seeks to empower PWD’s by:

  • Providing spiritual, religious, moral and values formation;
  • Offering skills training to prospective care-givers and catechists;
  • Providing assistance through referral to other agencies for rehabilitation, training and employment;
  • Offering counseling and human services related to the welfare of PWD’s; and
  • Advocating awareness of PWD’s presence, roles and rights in the Ecclesial and Civil levels.

Ministry Strategies:
Coordinated at the diocesan level, N°POWRD’s first steps will be geared towards influencing parish life. The diocesan office can best effect this influence by:

  • setting up an N°POWRD desk headed by a coordinator in each parish;
  • regular communication with the parish priest or the N°POWRD coordinator to discuss about the socio-pastoral concerns of its member-PWD’s and about the availability of the parish resources;
  • planning with the parish priest, the coordinator and the parish pastoral council the needed socio-pastoral programs for PWDs.

N°POWRD’s primary function is to see to it that within each parish or, at least, each vicariate, steps are taken to involve persons with disabilities in the Church life. N°POWRD coordinators (lay) will act as liaison with their respective local pastors. An N°Powrd Vicariate Coordinator (lay), chosen among the parish coordinators, oversee and coordinate the activities and programs carried out in the parish level and sits in the N°Powrd Diocesan Council and represents the Ministry in the Council of the Laity of Novaliches (CLaN). The N°Powrd Diocesan Council, headed by the Director/ Minister, acts as the liaison of the PWD faithful with the Bishop.

Annual PWD Gathering

This is an annual Socialization Activity sponsored by N°POWRD for persons-with- disabilities within the Diocese of Novaliches. The celebration usually coincides with the slated “Catholic Handicapped Day” during the first Sunday of December. However, in order not to conflict with other Diocesan gatherings of PWDs in other dioceses, especially with the Archdiocese of Manila’s annual celebration with which N°POWRD share some personnel resource, the diocese of Novaliches takes the liberty to adjust the PWD Day date, to a later date, preferably, the second Saturday of December. This is also to give room for individual parishes to celebrate Catholic PWD Day on the 1st Sunday of December.


  • To gather together the persons-with- disabilities, the PWD care-givers and volunteers within the diocese of Novaliches in an annual Christmas celebration;
  • To share the LOVE, JOY AND BLESSINGS of CHRISTMAS to all our PWD sisters and brothers;
  • To focus (by way of invitation) on the PWD children and youth in public and private SPED schools within the diocese of Novaliches;
  • To instill the awareness amongst these PWD children and youth as well as their parents and care-givers that they are an active part of the life of the Church through their participation in the sacramental, pastoral and social activities of the local and the universal church;
  • To heighten the awareness amongst these PWD children and youth as well as their parents and care-givers of what, where and from whom they can avail of the various programs and services sponsored by various agencies (GO’s, LGU’s, NGO’s and Church-based) intended for persons-with- disabilities.




Rev. Fr. Ambrosio Nonato C. Legaspi

Lay Coordinator:
Josephine Corazon Barbin

Christ The King Parish, Atlas St., Filinvest II Homes, Batasan Hills 1126 Quezon City

Telephone No.:
(02) 294.3321

(02) 932.0239