Commission on Stewardship

Committed to propagate the Spirituality of Stewardship, the Ministry designs, implements, evaluates formation programs, structures or systems in the Parish on the Spirituality of Stewardship and the Balik-Handog Program. The same is provided for the different Parish Chapels, BECs and organizations, encouraging the whole parish to adopt generosity and stewardship as a way of life and as witnesses of faith. The Ministry specifically ensures that parishioners appreciate and live out their being good stewards of all talents, time, treasure, life and faith.

  1. Designs formation programs that would promote Spirituality of Stewardship as a way of life in every parishioner, especially among those involved in the different ministries;
  2. Develops, plans and implements creative ways of tapping the resources of the parishioners for self-reliance (Balik-Handog Program and Abolition of Arancel System);
  3. Comes up with activities that would concretely make people practice stewardship for the Church and for the poor;
  4. Submits ministry reports to the PPC on the Balik-Handog program;
  5. Schedules regular Ministry meetings;
  6. Performs related tasks as the Parish Priest may assign.