Commission on Social Action

The Social Action Commission (SAC), also known as Caritas Novaliches, aims to increase access to basic social services, implement needs-based programs for human, family, and community development, and empower the most vulnerable sectors by advancing their causes and alleviating impoverished conditions.

SAC covers a multitude of concerns and responds through synergistic efforts of ministries. Basically, the goals and processes of Social Action are categorized into three (3): Compassionate Care, Human Development, and Social Transformation.

The Compassionate Care Ministries are active in the Church’s works of Mercy. They provide special care and preferential option to those who experience barely survival means of living, crisis or especially difficult situations. These Ministries are: Health and Nutrition, Disaster Preparedness and Mobilization, and Care for the Elderly.

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While the Human Development Ministries are highly engaged in capacity-building. They develop programs to enhance the education and competence of groups and individuals, as well as to alleviate poverty through wealth creation and economic growth projects. These are the Economic Development and the Education and Scholarship Ministries.

Finally, the Social Transformation Ministries are devoted to empowering the most vulnerable sectors by helping them find their voices and paving opportunities to be heard. They advocate for changes in policies, structures, and systems embedded in the socio-cultural-political roots of communities. When possible, direct services are also provided. These are the Pastoral Care for Children and Vulnerable Adults MinistryPersons with Disability Ministry (N°POWRD)Migrants Ministry (PAMINOVA)Labor MinistryLand and Housing MinistryPublic Affairs MinistryRestorative Justice Ministry, and Ecology Ministry.



Rev. Fr. Joseph Buslon

Overall Lay Coordinator:
Atty. Ira Agustin

Secretary / Social Worker:
Ms. Carla

2/F Diocesan Building, Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd Compound, Regalado Avenue, Fairview Park, Quezon City

(02) 427.6252

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