SocComm Nova

The Social Communications and Media Ministry of the Diocese of Novaliches (SocCom Nova) is the information dissemination cum public relations office of the Diocese of Novaliches under its Commission on Faith and Formation.

Primarily the Media arm of the local Church of Novaliches, SocCom Nova documents Diocesan events and activities in written, audio, and visual form. It acts as the approving body and filtering agency of information in terms of what needs to be promoted in and for the Diocese.

It serves as the promoting arm of Diocesan programs, projects, events, and activities. Thus, it helps the other Commissions and Ministries in the promotion and documentation of their own activities and programs, especially those on a Diocesan scale.

SocComm Nova explores or uses all channels of communication for evangelization and information dissemination within the Diocese. This is either in print, web, email, SMS (Short Message Service) or text messaging, and Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

Secondarily, it intends to help in the establishment of the Media Ministry in the Parishes and Vicariates of the Diocese. As such, It taps resources in the development of skills and/or talents necessary in the field of Communications and Media and schedules relevant seminars on these for this purpose.

It also informs people on the Disaster Relief and Recovery Management (DRR/M) efforts of the Diocese before, during, and after calamities struck the Diocese or the Country.