Commission on Family Life

The Ministry aims to facilitate in the accompaniment of Catholic Families in their journey of faith through programs of formation (Pre-CANA seminars, marriage encounter weekends, Christian Life Program, etc.) and activities that would strengthen the bonds of love between husbands and wives, parents and children. Headed by a couple-coordinator, the Ministry is constituted by groups involved in this important apostolate in the Church.

  1. Promotes among the parishioners the importance of the sacrament of matrimony;
  2. Provides adequate spiritual and psycho-emotional preparation for engaged couples through the Pre-CANA Seminar;
  3. Enriches the relationship of married couples through the Marriage Enrichment and Encounter Programs which encourage fuller family life and more active participation in the parish;
  4. Enriches the relationships of parents with their children through the Family Encounter Program, the Sons and Daughters Encounter Program, Parenting Seminar and other subsequent deepening programs with Parent ministers;
  5. Encourages married couples, through education and mobilization, to be more involved in shaping public policies affecting the integrity of marriage, family and life;
  6. Provides personalized guidance and counseling to married couples and families on Responsible Parenthood and Natural Family Planning;
  7. Plans, implements and evaluates the programs and activities of the Ministry;
  8. Recommends to the PPC relevant policies;
  9. Periodically submits a progress report to the PPC, Vicariate Family and Life Coordinating Team and Diocesan Family and Life Commission;
  10. Connects with the Diocese on the programs related to Family life and spirituality;
  11. Performs related tasks as the Parish Priest may assign.