The Finance Office handles the financial aspect of the Diocese’s management. This comprises the Accounting and Auditing Offices that are both located in the recently opened Diocesan Offices in the Cathedral of Good Shepherd Shrine together with the
other Administrative Offices of the Diocese.The properties of the Diocese, such as the recently opened Diocese of Novaliches House of Spirituality, also fall under the concern
of the Finance and Property Office.

Headed by the Oeconomus, the Treasury Office serves as the recipient of all collections from the Parishes (TriNation/BiNation) as well as donations from other organizations. It is also the central disbursement unit of funds for Clergy and Diocesan Personnel
salaries, Parish budgets, and the operation of the different Offices, Commissions, and Ministries of the Diocese.

The Finance Office had two Oeconomus as of date:
Rev. Fr. Santiago P. Gaa and Rev. Fr. Marlou V. Lemaire.