The Chancery is the nerve center of communication in the Diocese. In the governance of the Diocese, it is a very important office because it shows the visible structure of the powers of the Diocesan Bishop.The Chancery Office keeps a record of all Parish documents including birth, confirmation, and marriage certificates officiated under the Diocese.

The Chancery is under the supervision of the Chancellor who directly reports to the Bishop. The first Chancellor of the Diocese was Rev. Fr. Jaime Z. Lara (2003) who was assisted by Rev. Fr. Jerome U. Rosalinda. Eventually, Rev. Fr. Jerome U. Rosalinda became the Chancellor with Rev. Fr. Reynaldo Percival S. Flores as Vice-Chancellor. After the June 2013 Clergy Reshuffle, Rev. Fr. Reynaldo Percival S. Flores had to take the post of Chancellor when Rev. Fr. Rosalinda left for his studies in Rome.