Rev. Fr. Gerardo “Gerry” R. Tapiador

tapiador-fr-gerardo-rFr. Gerry was born in Rome, Italy. He graduated at San Carlos Seminary (Batch 1981) and was sent to Rome and Jerusalem for further biblical studies. He was the first Filipino to deliver a valedictory speech in Hebrew at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1985, he obtained his licentiate in Sacred Scriptures (SSL) at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. He received the Outstanding Catholic Author award in 1991, the youngest to be awarded by the Asian Catholic Publishers, Inc. He was formerly the Dean of the San Carlos Graduate School of Theology (1987-1989) and a long-time member of the Faculty teaching Pauline Theology and Biblical Theology. He was awarded the Outstanding Karlista Award by the San Carlos Seminary Alumni Association in 2004.

As part of the newly-created diocese of Novaliches in 2003, he has served as Vicar General for Administration and Director of the Biblical Apostolate. He established St. Peter Parish along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City in 1993 which in 2002 became the National Catholic Biblical Center of the Philippines.

A devoted lover and servant of the Word of God, Fr. Gerry served as Regional Director of the National Capital Region for the Episcopal Commission on the Biblical Apostolate in the Philippines. He is also an active member of the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) whose Bible Museum at its Headquarters in U.N. Avenue, Manila is embellished by his contributions. He has also published several materials to aid people in appreciating and studying the Word of God; they include among others The Mysterious Seed: A Simplified Manual on the Tools and the Principles of Interpreting the Bible (1993), The Roman Catholic Faith and the Bible, Hark the Herald: How the Bible Tells Us When Jesus Was Born (2005).