Photo taken during the 4-in-1 Celebration last December 6, 2018. (Photo credit: Minnie Agdeppa)

The Novaliches Clergy boasts of a rich mixture of Religious Priests and Priests with Diocesan Assignments who come together once a month for updating on Diocesan and Parish levels as well as for bonding and sharing noteworthy matters.

Management of the Diocese is done by the Bishop with the aid of the Curia and the Presbyteral Council composed of the Board of Consultors and the Vicars Forane. Decisions are made based on the consensus of the Clergy during the monthly meetings and consultations with the Religious through the Association of Consecrated Life in the Novaliches Diocese (ACLIND) and the Lay represented by the Council of the Laity of Novaliches (ClaN). The Presbyteral Council makes the initial decisions on pertinent matters for the Diocese.

The Novaliches Clergy, as commonly-observed by “outsiders” such as private institutions conducting formation seminars for the Clergy or new members of the Clergy, is one of open brotherhood with a welcoming atmosphere shared among the Clergy and between the Bishop and the Clergy. “Outsiders” also often perceive the fatherly relation of the Bishop with the members of the Clergy.

Strengthening this relationship has been a constant effort undertaken by Bishop Tobias over the years. Steps like the Standardization of Clergy Renumeration, clear policies for the Bi-Nation/Tri-Nation, and the recent creation of the Team Ministry Program for the Clergy and Religious have all been noble efforts of Bishop Tobias to achieve this open brotherhood relationship for which the Clergy have expressed great gratitude.

There are currently 41 Diocesan Priests and 30 Religious Priests handling the 71 Parishes in the Diocese, comprised of a mixture of Filipinos and foreigners. Reshuffling of parochial assignments occur every six years with the last being in June 2013.

Although each Religious Congregation in the Diocese has its own set of seminarians, there are currently less than 50 Diocesan seminarians who are in various stages of formation in Seminaries like in the St. Vincent Seminary of Tandang Sora, Q.C.

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