Behind Closed Doors: Synthesis of A Naked Priest

It was still dark. The place was silent, except for small shifting movements of blissfully sleeping children. Little Romy was still in dreamland. It was 5:29 in the morning. The clock ticked 5:30 and the alarm bell seemed to echo a scream, “Wake Up!”. All in a span of just 15 minutes, Little Romy, alongContinue reading “Behind Closed Doors: Synthesis of A Naked Priest”

Priests Challenged To Be Nurtured & Nurturing

“In this community, Christ is both received and given in a visible way as befits a Sacrament. The Church is both the gathered community of the saved and the gathering community of those who bring salvation.” These are the words of Liam Walsh, O.P. as quoted by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Cruz, SThD, in beginning his talkContinue reading “Priests Challenged To Be Nurtured & Nurturing”

The Real Bishop Tobias Revealed!

He is ahead of his time. He takes risks. He encourages the love for mission and demonstrates the meaning of a missionary Church. He is compassionate. He enjoys celebrating the good times with his priests. These are but a few of the many positive traits of the Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, D.D. as revealedContinue reading “The Real Bishop Tobias Revealed!”

Losing Their Way: Dealing with “Fallen” Priests

What does a Shepherd do when one of his own shepherds falls into the deadly pool of scandals and abuses? Most Rev. Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, D.D. shared his pastoral management and insights in his talk, “The Pastoral Ministry of Mercy And Compassion To Priests And Among Priests: The Grace Of Shepherding The Shepherds,” duringContinue reading “Losing Their Way: Dealing with “Fallen” Priests”

Bishop To Write Pope Francis Letter of Resignation

In his homily during the Eucharistic Celebration held in the occasion of his Golden Jubilee in the priesthood and on his 75th birthday last June 13, 2016 in Santuario di San Paolo, Casa Milan, the Most Rev. Antonio Tobias, D.D. bade farewell and expressed his utmost gratitude to the Clergy, Religious, and Laity for theirContinue reading “Bishop To Write Pope Francis Letter of Resignation”