Fundraising: A Ministry, Reminds Australian Data Consultant


Insights and Data Consultant Chris Herron during the 4th National Media Convention in Davao (Photo credit: Roderick Santos)

Inspired by a quote from Fr. Henri Nouwen, an international Insights and Data Consultant shared his knowledge in organizing a fundraiser to the delegates of the 4th National Catholic Media Convention (NMC 2018) recently held in Mergrande Ocean Resort in Davao City last August 7, 2018.

“Fundraising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry,” was Nouwen’s quote read by the Archdiocese of Sydney’s former Director of Development and Fundraising Chris Herron to the assembly of Catholic Communicators from all over the Country.

During the plenary entitled, “Bantay Bai! (Watch out! Data Analytics and Storytelling in Catholic Fundraising)”, Herron shared some basic ideas in organizing and managing fundraising activities.

“As Catholic Fundraisers, when we ask for support, we are asking on behalf of the Lord in order to carry out Christian good works,” Herron stressed, focusing on the importance of organizing and managing fundraising efforts.

He explained how Telling, Asking and Thanking people are the basic things a parish or an organization can do for a successful fundraising activity. But Herron “added” a Catholic element to all these preparations, by urging them to pray as they go about each step of the way. Jesus Christ, he said, is one’s advantage whenever one asks monetary support for one’s causes.

He said authentic storytelling using Social Media through videos or photographs are effective ways in showing future and current donors how their financial support can make a difference. In addition, Catholics who want to give their support but just don’t know how to will be made aware of the opportunities available to them.

However, Herron reminded the delegates that one has to be a very good storyteller or else one “cannot influence people to give”. He added there are also two ways to encourage people to give to the Church: direct and indirect. The direct way is to personally ask people. While the indirect manner is through Catholic newspapers or parish newsletters, Media, and the like.

He acknowledged the fact that it is a daunting task to ask people for money when it comes to charity or fundraising and that he used to feel that way. But he said one has to realize that the support being asked for is not for oneself but for the work of Jesus Christ.

He also stressed the need to thank the donors for their generosity with consistency through letters, cards, phone call, a visit, or remember them during a special event in their lives. Volunteers, he added, should also be trained or taught how to respond to queries regarding their fundraising projects.

Herron also shared the importance of keeping track and of documenting an ongoing fundraiser or charity by collecting information of the donors and the current status of the project for purposes of transparency.

A Roman Catholic Convert, Chris Herron organized the first ever Archdiocese of Sydney Catholic Fundraisers Pilgrimage and Conference in Rome in 2017. After working in the Marketing Industry in Australia for 30 years, he moved to Thailand where he is currently setting up a fundraising school in Pattaya. (~Shirly Anne Benedictos)

Bishops Homily

The Bishops Homily – 18th Sunday Ordinary Time 2018

18th Sunday Ordinary Time
Cycle B | 05/08/18
Exod. 16: 2-4; 12-15
Eph. 4: 17; 20-24
John 6: 24-35


INTRODUCTION: Our readings today are just fantastic! They touch on themes so basic for the spiritual life. They deal on the trials and joy, the risks and dangers of spiritual transformation. According to Origen, Exodus 16 tells about each of us.

(1) The whole Israelite community grumbled against Moses and Aaron: “Would we had died at the Lord’s hand in the land of Egypt as we sat by our fleshpots and ate our fill of bread! But you had to lead us into this desert to make the whole community die of famine.” The Israelites were on their way to slavery of 400 years; yet within weeks they complain longing to go back to slavery. We do this all the time. The road to healing is

blocked; the way to liberation is always a long and painful one. Give concrete examples of addiction to smoking, alcohol, or drugs. Easy? No. . . in fact, one struggles into a desert! Oh, how I long to go back to the “fleshpots” of Israel. There is always a resistance to liberation. In the first Matrix Movies that shows how the world is liberated from phony world, one of those in the restaurant said as they were eating fillet minion: “I know all these is an illusion but oh how it tastes good!” Every sin is like an addiction.

(2) What does God do about the complaint of the Israelites? He gives them bread to eat. “I will now rain down bread from heaven for you. Each day the people are to go out and gather their daily portion; thus will I test them to see whether they follow my instruction or not. . .

In the evening twilight, you shall eat flesh and in the morning, you shall have your fill of bread. In the morning, a dew lay all about the camp and when the dew evaporated, there on the surface of the desert were fine flakes like hoarfrost on the ground. On seeing it, the Israelites asked, “What is this?” , and Moses told them, “This is the bread (mannahu) which the Lord has given you to eat.” That is the bread that will sustain them through their desert time in their journey towards liberation.”

(3) In the Gospel from John 6, Jesus told the Jews he just had fed, “You should not be working for perishable food but food that endures unto life eternal.” In Tolkin’s Novel Lord of the Ring, Frudo and his band were making their way to the shire facing all kinds of obstacles, someone gives them “lemda” which refers to the Eucharistic bread of angels that sustains us on our way to liberation, even as we long for the fleshpots. What is the Mass but that bread of angels that sustain us on our journey towards full liberation even if we long back for our fleshpots of the past.

CONCLUSION: Don’t waste your time on worldly sustenance; rather work for the bread of life that really matters. Our readings for this Sunday is really about the spiritual life of every single one of us sinners that long for our fleshpots of the past!

Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, DD
Bishop of Novaliches

Bishops Homily

The Bishops Homily – 17 Sunday Ordinary Time 2018

17 Sunday Ordinary Time
Cycle B | 9/07/18
2 Kings 4: 42-44
Eph. 4: 1-6 2
John 6: 1-15

INTRODUCTION: John’s Gospel does not have the Narrative of The Institution of the Eucharist as in the Synoptics. Instead, he tells the Story of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes in John 6 which will be for the next several Sundays (17th up to 21st) a sustained meditation on the meaning of the Mass and the Eucharist. Our passage for today, when read symbolically, explains the major movements of the Mass.

(1) Jesus is crossing the Sea of Galilee and a large crowd followed him, impressed describes Jesus’ magnetic attractiveness. “From age to age you gather a people to yourself so that from East to West a perfect sacrifice is offered.” The gathering at Mass is a function of the on-going attractiveness of Jesus, undiminished till the present age. At Mass, the gathering of people from all walks of life is a symbol of the coming together of God’s Kingdom — the Church.

Jesus climbed the hillside (mountain): Many times the mountain is a symbol of man’s going up to the Divine and God’s reaching down to man. The mountain is a symbol of the Meeting of Divinity and Humanity. Every Mass is a place of encounter between God and man; a sacred meeting place with God.

And he sat down with his disciples: sitting down, not standing up on a podium, is the posture of a teacher with his disciples in the ancient world. Jesus sits with his disciples learning. After we gather for Mass, we sit at his feet and we learn from him. This is the Liturgy of the Word.

It was shortly before the Jewish Feast of Passover: This little detail could not escape what Mass is all about — liberation from slavery that the Passover Feast reminds. Every Mass is a kind of Passover.

(2) Where can we buy some bread for these people to eat? Jesus senses the people are hungry. The whole human race is coming to Jesus hungry which it tries to fill up by other ways of power, wealth, pleasure which do not satisfy. Too much of these even plenty of these will not satisfy.

The little that Jesus gives (5 barley loaves and 2 fish) suffices to satisfy so many. Jesus takes what little we give. This is Holy Communion: tiny piece of bread filling up so many. Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks and gave them out to all; he did the same with the fish. The Eucharistic rhythm is clear: take, give thanks, eat/drink, and give away. Only food which is substantial presence of Jesus satisfies; the others which are plenty do not. This is heavenly food is Holy Communion.

(3) Pick up the pieces left over so that nothing gets wasted: This is what we do in the Eucharist after Communion. We gather the left over and take them to the sick and the rest to the Tabernacle.

And they filled twelve baskets with scraps: we bear the food to the newly fed and satisfied twelve Tribes of Israel.

CONCLUSION: Friends, John is teaching here on a central theme of Catholic Dogma quite innocently but truly!

Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, DD
Bishop of Novaliches


COY Nova Spreads Inang Desay Devotion To Cubao Youth

Inang Desay, the Patron Saint of the Youth of Novaliches, has now gone beyond the borders of the Diocese of Novaliches with its introduction to the Youth of Cubao during #KraCUBAO, the local celebration of World Youth Day (WYD) Krakow 2016 held in Holy Family Parish-Kamias last July 30, 2016.

The image of Inang Desay or Mary Undoer of Knots was carried by the Youth of Novaliches during the Pilgrim Walk of the said event from the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy in Sikatuna Village, Q.C. to Holy Family Parish. Inang Desay was then enshrined at the altar together with the images of Jesus, the Divine Mercy; St. John Paul II; and St. Faustina.

The almost 700-Youth participants were then encouraged to write down on a piece of paper their prayer intentions and tie it to the ribbon Inang Desay held–as it was practiced in the Diocese of Novaliches–any time within the #KraCUBAO festivities.

Devotion to Inang Desay in the Diocese of Novaliches has become common among its Youth ever since the Most Rev. Antonio Tobias, D.D., Bishop of Novaliches, himself made her the Patron Saint of the Youth of Novaliches during the Holy Mass for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception held in Kristong Hari Parish on Commonwealth Avenue, Q.C. last December 8, 2015.

This actually coincides with the Bishop’s vision for Kristong Hari Parish as the future Shrine of the Youth of Novaliches. As such, Inang Desay is also made the said Parish’s Patron Saint. Kristong Hari Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Roland Jaluag was, for this reason, present during #KraCUBAO as he officiated the Closing Mass with Rev. Fr. Dennis Soriano of the Diocese of Cubao.

In fact, Inang Desay honored here every Thursday through a Holy Mass held every 6PM. Many people–both young and the once young–have since flocked to Kristong Hari Parish as prayer intentions have been confirmed to be answered through the intercession of Inang Desay.

Known in the local dialect as “Maria Tagakalag Ng Mga Bohol Ng Buhay”, the devotion to Mary Undoer of Knots started in the Philippines through the Diocese of Malolos before it arrived in the Diocese of Novaliches. The devotion became popular thanks to His Holiness Pope Francis who has been promoting it from the beginning of his Papacy.

The image of Inang Desay started to visit Vicariates under the Diocese of Novaliches early this year in an attempt to create more awareness to the devotion. In less than a year, the devotion has spread to the Diocese of Cubao thanks to the collaboration of the Commission of Youth of Novaliches (COY Nova) with the Diocese of Cubao’s Ministry for Youth Affairs (MYA), particularly through one of its members who happened to be a devotee of Inang Desay himself.

Also known as Mary Untier of Knots, the image of Our Lady holding a rope and untying its knots represents the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy and Full Of Grace, attentive to the needs of man who come to Her as Her children in dire need of liberation from whatever keeps them from fully experiencing the Joy of being true Children of God. (~Minnie De Luna)



Nova Youth Celebrates WYD Krakow With Cubao

The Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy was filled to the brim with an army of Youth, mostly from the Diocese of Novaliches, during #KraCubao last July 30, 2016

As thousands of Youth from all over the world gathered in Poland for the much-awaited World Youth Day (WYD) Vigil and Closing Mass, an equally exuberant army of faithful young people from the Diocese of Novaliches and the Diocese of Cubao flocked to the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City last June 30, 2016 for the local celebrations of WYD Krakow 2016 entitled, “#KraCUBAO“.

Almost 700 delegates from the eleven Vicariates of the Diocese of Novaliches and the three Vicariates of the Diocese of Cubao assembled at the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy for #KraCUBAO’s registration. A Holy Mass presided by Lord of Divine Mercy’s Parish Priest Fr. Steven ZabalaSteven ZabalaSteven Zabala officially began the festivities.

COY Nova braves the traffic and morning sun basking over Kamias Road during #KraCUBAO’s Pilgrim Walk last July 30, 2016

The pilgrims then joyfully paraded their colorful shirts, banners, and flags from the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy to the Holy Family Parish in Kamias, Q.C. A mimicking of WYD’s “Pilgrim Walk”, the short but heartwarming stroll was a moment filled with hope, prayers and praises. Joining the Youth in the parade were the images of Inang Desay (Mary Undoer of Knots) from the Diocese of Novaliches and of the Divine Mercy, of Sister Faustina, and of St. John Paul The Great (John Paul II) from the Diocese of Cubao.

Shedding tears of joy through this special moment in their lives, the delegates arrived at the Holy Family Parish prepared for #KraCUBAO’s main event. There was the breathtaking Praise and Worship opening salvo before the delegates broke out into smaller groups for the Catechesis Sessions–another mimicking of the WYD experience.

The Diocese of Cubao’s tireless Animators pump up the Youth during the Praise & Worship of #KraCUBAO last July 30, 2016 in Holy Family Family Parish, Kamias.

Love. Mercy. Compassion. These were the underpinning messages heard by the Youth from select speakers who talked about human trafficking, chastity, vocation discernment, and prayer. Organizers, headed by the Diocese of Cubao’s Ministry of Youth Affairs Team from the Vicariate of St. Joseph, made sure that the Youth will not only have joy in their hearts when they return home but also have a stronger Faith in God.

As such, topics for the Catechism Sessions were, “Naniniwala Ka Ba Sa Forever?” (Chastity) by the Live Pure Movement, “Bata, Bata, Bakit Mo ‘Yan Ginawa?” (Human Trafficking) by Jermer Cruz, “Tara Usap Tayo! Divine Conversation.” (Prayer / Taize) by Bro. Allan Robinson, and “Baby You’re My Destiny” (Vocations Discernment) by a variety of speakers.

The sharers of “Baby You’re My Destiny”, a #KraCUBAO Catechesis on vocations discernment

After the breakout session, the Youth gathered once more for a special talk given by then-Diocese of Novaliches Seminarian and now-turned celebrity Michael Angelo Lobrin on the role of the Youth in Society today.

A Holy Mass concelebrated by Diocese of Novaliches’ Kristong Hari Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Roland Jaluag and Diocese of Cubao’s Our Lady of Pentecost Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Dennis Soriano was held prior to the Closing Program that lasted until the wee hours of the night.

Michael Angelo Lobrin III captivates the Youth with laughter and “inspirational” talk.

Lead by the Diocese of Novaliches Commission on Youth (COY Nova)’s Marlyn Cababay, the Novaliches strong delegation of 540 Youth journeyed back to their respective parishes amazed by how Faith can bind people despite boundaries and inspired to achieve greater heights for the Glory of the Lord.

World Youth Day began a year after then Pope John Paul II (now St. John Paul the Great) held an International Jubilee of Youth on the Palm Sunday of 1984 to attest to the World that the Youth still follow in the steps of Christ. It was in that Jubilee of the Youth that the Pope entrusted to the Youth the Cross of the Holy Year–thereby initiating the tradition of the Youth Cross in every World Youth Day Gathering.

Officially instituted as an activity of the Universal Church on March 23, 1986, also a Palm Sunday, WYD was to be held every year locally or in each Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church and every two-three years internationally. Also in part of tradition, the Pope announces the next venue for WYD on the Closing Mass of the present WYD Celebration. This year’s international celebration was held in Krakow, Poland with the next one to be held in Panama on 2019. (~Minnie De Luna with Cristy Linga, MC Paloma, and Chris Segundo)

Rev. Fr. Dennis Soriano (left) and Rev. Fr. Roland Jaluag officiating the Closing Mass of #KraCUBAO

Libera Nox Attends 1st National Exorcism Conference

(L-R) Diocese of Novaliches Exorcist Rev. Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi; Archdiocese of Manila Exorcist and UST Secretary General Rev. Fr. Winston Cabading, O.P.; UST Rector Rev. Fr. Herminio Dagohoy, O.P.; Diocese of Novaliches Assisting Case Officer Mr. Philippe De Guzman during the  1st National Conference On The Fundamentals Of The Ministry Of Spiritual Liberation And Exorcism’s “Graduation Rites” last July 30, 2016

The Office of Exorcism of the Diocese of Novaliches, Libera Nox, recently attended the 1st National Conference On The Fundamentals Of The Ministry Of Spiritual Liberation & Exorcism held at the Blessed Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, OP Building of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila last July 25-31, 2016.

Attending as official delegates are Diocese of Novaliches Exorcist Rev. Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi and Assisting Case Officer Philippe De Guzman. While Chief Case Officer and Coordinator Minnie De Luna and Assisting Case Officer Jasmin De Guzman took part of the event’s actual Working Committee as volunteers of the Media and Registration Committees, respectively.

All four representatives from the Diocese were trained on a host of topics from basic Catechesis on the Faith pertaining to the Ministry of Spiritual Liberation and Exorcism, which included “Catechetical Dimension”, “Angelology and Demonology”, “Sacraments and Sacramentals”, “Mary and the Saints”, “Cults and the Occults”, “Extraordinary Forms of Demonic Attacks”, and “Liturgical and Canonical Dimensions” ; to actual information needed in the Ministry such as, “Exorcism, The Minisry of Christ”, “Exorcism, The Ministry of the Church”, “Philippine Setting & Infestations”, “Different Prayers of Liberation and the Roman Ritual”, and “Psychiatric & Psychological Dimensions”.

Speakers of the said event came from the Archdiocese of Manila’s Office of Exorcism (AMOE), such as its Chief Exorcist Rev. Fr. Jose Francisco Syquia; medical professionals like the Chair of UST’s Department of Neurosciences Dr. Ramon Javier, and the Chancellor & Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Rev. Fr. Jeffrey Grob, JCD. The Most Rev. Broderick Pabillo, D.D., Auxilliary Bishop of Manila, also graced the event as one of its speakers.

The Conference is expected to prepare those involved in the Ministry to become well equipped in handling cases of demonic oppression, demonic obsession, and demonic possession, which have been increasing in the Country.

According to AMOE, most of the cases they receive for the Suffragans of Manila come from the Diocese of Novaliches. This has prompted Fr. Jocis to ask the Most Rev. Antonio Tobias, D.D., Bishop of Novaliches, to appoint an Exorcist already in early 2015. As such, Fr. Nonnette was appointed last March 2015. Libera Nox currently handles 24 cases, with the most of them coming from the Caloocan City side of the Diocese.

Recently, Libera Nox has been making rounds among the Vicariates of the Diocese giving a seminar entitled, “Conference On Spiritual Warfare, Discernment of the Spirits, Deliverance, and Exorcism”. It has finished giving the said Seminar to the Vicariates of the Ascension of Our Lord, Christ The King, and Good Shepherd. It’s next seminar will be for the Holy Spirit Vicariate on August 6, 2016 at 9AM-12NN in the Jesus Lord of the Divine Mercy Parish in Mapayapa Village, Q.C. (~SocComm Nova)

The Libera Nox Case Officers with Rev. Fr. Jeffrey Grob, the International Speaker of the 1st National Conference On The Fundamentals Of The Ministry Of Spiritual Liberation And Exorcism’s “Graduation Rites” in UST July 27, 2016