Chrism Mass 2022

Chrism Mass 2020

On the morning of Maundy Thursday, April 14 of the year of our Lord 2022, the Most Reverend Bishop Roberto O. Gaa, DD from the Diocese of Novaliches, celebrated the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd. This momentous event was concelebrated by the clergy of the diocese in honor of the institution of their priesthood and a clear expression of unity and sacrifice of Christ, which continue to be
present in the Church.

After almost two years of having the Chrism Mass online, today is a blessed opportunity to gather on-site and have the celebration for our Mother Church face-to-face. 

During his homily, Bishop Gaa expressed his gratefulness as God allows us to minister one another in the most creative ways during this time of pandemic even through social media. He said, “Ang daming binago sa mukha ng ating simbahan at hanggang ngayon ay patuloy pang binabago. Ngunit marami ring iba’t ibang pagkakataon na ang simbahan ay tunay na naging simbahan para sa atin.” The current situation posts many challenges but also allows us to go back to the basics and walk in faith. 

As he revisits his two and a half years of being a bishop, he shared his amazement at how God accompanied him every step of the way. He felt His presence most especially during these changing times. He said, “it may not be so easy, but we are so blessed that we just need to continue to push forward.”

Bishop Gaa reminded us that the Chrism Mass calls for two celebrations – the renewal of priestly vows and the blessing of oils. He mentioned that the most challenging part of renewing priestly vows is the “call for obedience”. In one way or another, we are all leaders that need to watch over other people. “During this dark era of the pandemic, God made me confident not in myself but to trust and be obedient to God.”, said Bishop Gaa. God is most present in the people he called, just like the priests and the church servants. He advised everyone to trust and obey the Lord, for those called to serve are also blessed by God.

Finally, Bishop Gaa encouraged all the priests to embrace their vocation, grow with it, and submit their will to God for the good of His people. 

During the said celebration, Bishop Gaa also blesses three oils — the oil of catechumens to prepare for the journey of faith; the oil of the infirm to strengthen in this life and sent forth into eternity the healing and pardon; and holy chrism to permanently seal the Holy Spirit with the fragrant Chrism of prophets, priests, and kings. These oils will be used in the administration of the sacraments for the entire year throughout the diocese.  

Through the blessing of these oils, may our hearts turn to our Most Gracious Lord, who bestows His infinite love and mercy on us through these sacraments. Let us also pray for our bishop and all the priests who are called to minister these sacraments in their respective parishes, that they may be the humble and generous servants of God. May they be blessed with the strength of body, mind, and spirit as they continue to shepherd the people of God entrusted to them. [Hanie Banzuelo, SocComM Nova]

Chrism Mass 2022

April 14, 2022 | Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd

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