Prayer for Healing and Unity in Our Country

O good and gracious God, we praise and thank you for the wonderful world you have created and continue to sustain, with all its variety, diversity and beauty.
We praise and thank you for all the peoples you have created of different races and tongues, convictions and beliefs. Most of all, we praise and thank you for the underlying unity and interconnections between and among them.

We admit, we have not been faithful in caring for our world and for one another. We confess for the tendency in us to emphasize our differences and what separate us rather than on what unites and brings us together.

Now, with renewed fervor, we as people of faith and as responsible citizens of our beloved country, come to you as we wish to express our support and concern for our church leaders who have been accused unjustly for exercising their role as shepherds of their flock. We are aware that to speak freely without fear of reprisal is a healthy sign of democracy guaranteed by the Philippine Constitution and inspired by the preaching of Christ Jesus Your Son, “the truth shall make you free”.

Help us to speak the truth no matter what the consequences are, to constantly be on the side of those who are accused without cause and those who have no means to defend themselves. Help us to work toward justice and peace, harmony, integrity, openness, honesty in various areas where there are armed conflicts, struggles for social change and defense of peoples’ patrimony and tribal practices.

Most of all, we pray for unity based on love, the only sure guarantee for healing in our beloved country.

We ask Mary, our Blessed Mother, to accompany us, her children. We also invoke the memory of all the women and men, young and old, who have shed their blood for this country, both in the past and in its recent history.

(To be prayed after the Rosary, throughout the whole month of October 2019)