Cardinal Points To Mary As Model In Church Service

His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle during the Episcopal Ordination of the Most Rev. Roberto Gaa at the Manila Cathedral last August 22, 2019. (Photo credit: Aimee Mendoza)

A Cardinal pointed out the role of Mary, the Blessed Mother of God, for those serving in the Church: Clergy, Religious, and Lay; during the Memorial of the Queenship of Mary last August 22, 2019.

In his homily, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle revealed that if one should accept Jesus as King, one would need Mary as Queen, not only because she is the Mother of God, but because instead of acting high and mighty like any other royalty, she chose to be humble, to be the servant of the Lord.

“The goal of faith is the salvation of souls,” he elaborated to the assembly that filled the Basilica Minore of the Immaculate Conception during the Espicopal Ordination of His Excellency the Most Reverend Roberto Gaa. “But it is a faith through humility, service, dying to self, living for others for it is God’s kingdom that is being established.”

The Cardinal explained that this was the meaning of the motto of the new Bishop and stressed its importance for everyone serving in the Church. He added that as baptized People of God, we become regal not because of the title that we hold but because “we need a manifestation of the regal, royal character of Jesus and his kingdom through humble service, through communion with the little ones.”

The Cardinal also recalled how it became an emotional moment for him and Bishop Gaa the day after the Vatican released his appointment, but they consider it as a gift from God and that, he says, is to be shared with the Diocese of Novaliches.

His Excellency also reminded the new bishop that his personal mission will now be to lead the faithful to the Kingdom of Lord Jesus with the Queen Mother, Mary, as the perfect example, who chose to do God’s work with humble faith despite the hardships that she would face.

The cardinal ended his homily with a message for Bishop Gaa with his new role as the pastor of the Diocese, “Turn to our Queen Mother, she will intercede for us, for you, and for the Church of Novaliches to her Son.”

Aside from Cardinal Tagle, among those who were present at the Episcopal Ordination as co-consecrators were Papal Nuncio Gabrielle Caccia, D.D.; Archbishop of Lingayen Socrates Villegas, D.D.; and Bishop of Pasig Mylo Hubert Vergara, D.D. The family of Bishop Robbie were also present along with guests, priests, and religious from different Dioceses and Archdiocese in the Country. (~Shirly Benedictos)