Youth Evangelist Urges Educators and Youth Ministers To ‘Know Jesus’

(Photo credit: Minnie Agdeppa)

A Youth evangelist urged participants of the 6th Philippine Conference on New Evangelization (PCNE6) to center on Jesus, to stay authentic and to be open to new ways during her talk for the concurrent session in University of Santo Tomas’ Quadricentennial Pavilion last July 20, 2019.

“Knowing Jesus in our lives will make us more inspiring and effective as ministers to the Young,” said Christina Llamas, Executive Director of the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry, USA.

She encouraged those present during her talk entitled,“New Trends in Youth Ministry”, to make sure that they know who Jesus Christ is in their lives and to have a good relationship with Him because He is the foundation and guide on how they will minister the Youth.

Citing the question asked by Jesus to His disciples in the Gospel of John, she said, “The more comfortable you are talking about Jesus, the more it is embedded in who you are and why you do what you do.”

She also stressed that the current generation need to know someone truly cares for them and that the Church need their talents and gifts as they journey with Jesus. Those involved in ministering young people should include the families of the young people they minister to since this has a huge effect in how they live their lives.

According to Llamas, young people should be given responsibility in the ministry to hone their creativity but should be guided accordingly.

“If we are going to reach these generation of young people and we are going to continue to pass on the Faith, we cannot continue to do things the way we’ve always done things.” she insisted.

“Young people are not practicing the Faith like you and I have,” she revealed of the global crisis in the Church, “Some people do not consider themselves to be Catholic anymore.”

Thus, she said, the reason why the Youth Ministry should remain missionary. She highlighted the need for the Youth to be taken seriously and to be listened to in terms of their stories.

Llamas‘ talk was one of the 12 concurrent sessions that took place on the second day of the PCNE6 held at the University of Santo Tomas. These sessions revolved on Culture, Social Media, Family, Social Advocacy, Mission, Youth, Education and Catechesis. (~Shirly Benedictos)