‘You Can’t Do It Alone’, Says Psychology Professor On Addressing Mental Health Issues

Dr. Nelly Limbadan, Ateneo University’s former Department Chair for Psychology and current Psychology Department Associate Professor giving a talk on mental health management during the Concurrent Session on Education of the 6th Philippine Conference on New Evangelization at the University of Sto. Tomas last July 20, 2019. (Photo credit: Minnie Agdeppa)

On the second day of the 6th Philippine Conference On New Evangelization (PCNE6) held at the University of Santo Tomas on July 20, 2019, a former university Department Chair for Psychology stressed the need for collaboration and partnerships in addressing the mental health issues prevalent among the Youth today.

“The point of the matter kasi, you can not do it alone,” emphasized Ateneo’s Associate Professor of the Psychology Department Dr. Nelly Limbadan, pertaining to strategies in addressing mental health issues.

“What we’re saying is that we have to involve everybody in the community,” she repeated to the hundreds gathered in the venue’s Quadricentennial Pavilion’s Room A & B.

In her talk for the Concurrent Session on Education entitled, “Hindi Ka Nag-iisa, Kasama Mo Ako. Journeying With The Young Through Mental Health,” she explained that helping others with mental health issues is done through a multi-tiered support system.

“The first layer is the self. The second layer is what you do as a program. The third layer is what the government is doing and what that law is doing,” she revealed.

She said that only after creating a multi-tiered support system should one “go and ask for the help of other people in the community.” By other people, she explained, that these are the professionals in the community that are in or do provide mental health services.

“Partner with organizations who might freely give seminars,” Dr. Limbadan added, “so that we can address all these (mental health) issues.”

“Partnership, you can not do it alone,” she underscored before adding the importance of beginning with oneself to be able to begin in helping others on this matter.

“Advocate and include social and emotional learning on mental health promotional program,” she highlighted, “Psycho educational program muna talaga tayo–it is really the best na panangga: what you know.”

“If you are educated about these things, the rest will follow,” she said.

The Concurrent Session on Education is one among the six main categories of talks conducted on the afternoon of the second day of the 6th Philippine Conference on New Evangelization in line with it’s annual theme for the Year of the Youth, “Filipino Youth: Walking With Jesus”. The other main categories were: Catechesis, Culture, Mission, Family, Youth, Social Media, New Trends In Youth Ministry, and Social Advocacy.

Alongside these categories, which were held in various buildings in the University, was a Concurrent Session solely for the Youth aged 15-29 years entitled, “FGD With The Young: The Joys And Pains Of The Filipino Youth” in 20 rooms of the High School Building. (~Minnie Agdeppa)