Radio Anchor Urges Responsible Use Of SocComm

Rev. Fr. Joel Saballa during the 3rd SocComm Nova Media Camp at Tahanang Pari, Lagro, Q.C. last May 25, 2019 (Photo credit: Annaliza Bruce)

A long-time anchor of Radio Veritas urged attendees of the 3rd SocComm Nova Communications Camp (Media Camp 2019) to use Social Communications (SocComm) effectively and responsibly as it is God’s gift to man.

“Social Communications is a gift from God, but it is also a great responsibility,” quoted Rev. Fr. Joel Saballa, CFIC last May 25, 2019 of Pope Francis in one of his prayer videos in Rome last year.

He added that in Pope Pius XII’s encyclical Miranda Prorsus Social Communications was emphasized “as ‘gifts of God’ which, in accordance with His providential design, unite men in brotherhood and so help them to cooperate with His plan for their salvation.”

Speaking before an assembly gathered at the Roman Catholic Bishop of Novaliches (RCBN) Tahanang Pari in Lagro, Q.C., the priest anchored his message on the Popes’ encyclicals and exhortations that tackled the proper use of Social Communications.

“One aspect is to encourage their right development and right use for the sake of human development, justice, and peace,” Fr. Joel said on the Church’s two-fold aim regarding Media, “(and) for the upbuilding of society at the local, national and community levels in light of the common good and in a spirit of solidarity.”

He revealed that as early as the 1970s, when the Internet has yet to be discovered, this was already pointed out in Communio et Progressio, which was issued by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, that “Modern Media offer new ways of confronting people with the message of the Gospel.”

With this, Pope John Paul II, in his World Communications Day (WCD) message in 2000, quoted Pope Paul VI in saying “the Church would feel guilty before the Lord” if it failed to use Media for evangelization.

“You could go to hell if you do not use (Media) properly,” Fr. Joel quipped in Filipino, then went on to cite Pope Francis’ prayer video once more that Digital Communications and Social Media platforms can be “a place of inclusion and encounter,” and not of “alienation.”

He emphasized that through the proper use of Social Media, “we engage in reasonable debates,” and encourage dialogue and connectedness.

The Diocese of Novaliches Social Communications and Media Ministry (SocComm Nova) Communications Camp is a yearly event that jumpstarts the week-long celebration of World Communications Day (WCD) that falls on Ascension Sunday. It focuses on the annual WCD Message of the Pope, which for 2019, was, “We are members of one another. (Eph 4,25) From Network Communities to Human Communities”. (~Lulu Reclusado-Nario)