Media Ministers Told: Communication Is Mission

Rev. Fr. Luciano Felloni giving his Welcome Remarks during the second day of 3rd SocComm Nova Communications Camp held in Tahanang Pari, Lagro, Q.C. last May 25, 2019.
(Photo credit: Annaliza Bruce)

“Communication is mission” was repeatedly emphasized by Diocese of Novaliches Social Communications and Media Ministry (SocComm Nova) Director Rev. Fr. Luciano Ariel Felloni in his welcome remarks during the 3rd SocComm Nova Communications Camp held at the RCBN Tahanang Pari in Lagro, Quezon City last May 25, 2019.

“For us, Social Communication is different from Journalism. A journalist shares news. Missionaries share the Good News and that is a person: Jesus Christ,” he said to the participants of the event who are a mix of Parish SocComm Coordinators and members.

He added that the first meaning of Communication is mission. Then, he reminded his listeners that they are not mere Secretariats of the Parish who are “there to take pictures and make Powerpoint (presentations) only”.

“That is only one percent of Social Communications, 99% is mission,” he emphasized. “And that mission is to reach out to people–when you go into the unknown, when you talk to people who are not active Catholics, when you go to places where we are a minority and Social Media is one.”

Fr. Luciano also said that Communication is also interaction and dialogue, as well as communion and service.

“Communication is also service. So we will try to also speed up service for the people using technology,” he revealed. He cited the easing up of queues and trips to parishes when requesting for church documents as one of such services.

Aside from giving importance to Social Media as a great instrument to make the Church accessible, he highlighted that Communication is also creation. He went on saying that a Social Media practitioner has to be creative and produce one’s own material in Social Media.

“Don’t just be a good sharer, don’t just repost,” he exhorted.

In conclusion, he advised the media camp participants to have an open mind to learn and an open heart as well to be inspired and “make SocComm Nova influential.”

The Communications Camp is an annual event of SocComm Nova that jumpstarts the week-long celebration for World Communications Day (WCD), which is always celebrated on Ascension Sunday. It begins a new curriculum year for members in so far as their annual formation is concerned.

After the Camp, the Communications Camp Exhibit is held immediately while the Commissioning Mass on WCD itself culminates the week-long celebration. This year, World Communications Day was on June 2, 2019. (~Lulu Reclusado-Nario)