‘Continue Introducing Jesus’, Bishop Urged

Novaliches Bishop, The Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, D.D., urges Clergy and Religious to perservere in introducing Jesus and parents to postpone judgement of the Youth during the 4-in-1 Celebration held in Mary The Queen Parish, Teresa Heights, QC last December 6, 2018
(Photo credit: Minnie Agdeppa)

The Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, DD urged priests and religious to persevere in proclaiming the Good News to people during the Holy Mass of the Diocesan 4-in-1 Celebration held in Mary The Queen Parish, Q.C. last December 6, 2018.

“We are celebrating here as a Church, as a People of God,” Bishop Tobias said in his homily. “We focus on a tradition in this Country of missionaries, priests and the religious coming to our shores for us to be taught the gift of Faith.”

Acknowledging the priests and the consecrated people, he urged them to continue this tradition of introducing and letting everyone know Jesus.

“That is our task today, including the lay people who are helping us, and I thank you for all the support,” he added.

Dubbed “4-in-1 Celebration”, the event marked four milestones in the Diocese of Novaliches: the 16th Anniversary of the Diocese on December 7; the Bishop’s 53rd Sacerdotal Anniversary on December 21; the end of the Year of the Clergy and the Consecrated and start of the Year of the Youth on December 6; and the Annual Diocesan Christmas Party also on December 6.

Diocesan Chancellor Rev. Fr. Reynaldo Percival Flores read the Decree Ending the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Life and Opening The Year of the Youth in the Diocese.

In line with this, the Bishop highlighted in his homily the need for parents to “see, act, judge” in communicating with their children.

“Suspend judgment,” he emphasized, explaining that parents should listen to their children first, take time to see a situation, reflect or deliberate on it before jumping into conclusions.

The Diocesan Christmas Party proceeded immediately after the Mass at the nearby Teresa Heights Volleyball Court. During which, performances from the Guest Priests, Religious, and Youth took place along with notable numbers from the Clergy such as the Priests Supply, compesed of Rev. Fr. James Nitollama, Rev. Fr. Leo Laguilles, and Rev. Fr. Falky Falcasantos; Rev. Fr. Yohanes Kopong Tuan; and Rev. Fr. Bobot Clemen. The Raffle was interspersed between performances.

Wrapping up the enjoyable night was Bishop Tobias whose Christmas message centered on the trends that he initiated in the Diocese and sharing an advice he got from the late Jaime Cardinal Sin and which he has kept all his life.

“Tony love your priests, they are your first concern,” he narrated, “at natandaan ko po ‘yun bilang Obispo.” (~Lulu Reclusado-Nario)