Priest To BEC Nova: ‘Achieve transformative leadership’

Msgr. Manuel G. Gabriel, Executive Secretary of CBCP BEC, during BEC Nova’s Renewed Servant Leadership Forum Series 10 held at the St. Peter Parish Shrine of Leaders, Q.C.
(Photo credit: Minnie Agdeppa)

During the 10th Renewed Servant Leadership Forum Series of the Diocese of Novaliches Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC Nova) held at St. Peter Parish Shrine of Leaders last October 18, 2018, a priest called on community leaders to focus on their roles in parish transformation as servant leaders and disciples.

“Ano ang larawan ng isang namumuno, naglilingkod, nanunungkulan bilang BEC?” raised CBCP BEC Executive Secretary Msgr. Manuel G. Gabriel to the BEC members gathered in Room C of the venue before he discussed the challenges today in achieving transformative leadership.

The author of many books on BECs then delved on cultural and biblical servanthood and cited several models of the Church that define some roles BEC plays in the community. Importantly, he put emphasis on two models that veritably define the breadth and depth of a BEC member.

The Church as Servant, he said, translates to “a redeemed people who have the mandate to establish in this world Christ’s kingship of peace, justice, love and reconciliation.”

He added that the Church as a School of Discipleship, on the other hand, means “the process of learning (disciple means learner), the ‘job description’ of the Church.”

At one point, he urged his audience to read with him an excerpt of Pope Francis’ Angelus Address in February last year that accentuated the roles of servant and disciple according to Jesus himself, as “salt of the earth,” and “light of the world.”

“If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet,” he quoted and added that the servant is not greater than his master and vice versa as he highlighted Bible passages on the Washing Of The Feet Of The Apostles and the Good Samaritan, among many others.

The parable of the Good Samaritan, he continued, shows us “the Church’s accompaniment of the wounded and lost.”

“It is accompanying people, just like the Good Samaritan,” he said then reiterating that BEC is, “not an activity but accompaniment, helping people start on their own.”

“Ang sagot sa mga napapalayo sa atin ay ang BEC,” he said. “BEC makes the Church present to those hurting; it is the answer among the excluded and makes the Church present to those who are hurting.”

“The BEC is involved in ecological preservation. It heeds the cry of Mother Earth and the poor,” he said.

The BEC Nova Renewed Servant Leadership Forum was launched this January in line with the theme of the Yearof the Clergy and Consecrated Life. At the end of every forum, participants are requested to assess the talk they just heard and its effect or relevance to them as BEC members. (~Lulu Reclusado-Nario)