Read The Bible Before Going To Mass, Theologian Says

Theology Professor Carolina Diokno during BEC Nova’s Renewed Servant Leadership Forum Series held  in St. Peter Parish Shrine of Leaders last June 28, 2018. (Photo credit: Maria Lourdes Nario)

Theology Professor Carolina Dionco emphasized the importance of the Scriptures to the members of the Diocese of Novaliches Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC Nova) during their Renewed Servant Leadership Forum Series held at the St. Peter Parish Shrine of Leaders, Quezon City last June 28, 2018.

Mahalagang paglaanan ng oras at panahon ang pagbabasa ng Bibliya at hindi lang umasa sa mga naririnig sa Misa,” she said. She added that a deeper understanding of the Scriptures is of utmost importance in the pursuit of BEC’s mission of service, most especially to the poor.

Dionco, who is also a volunteer of the Diocese’s Labor Ministry, began her talk by asking her audience on their thoughts about the Bible and then shared her own story about it. She informed them that the Bible was written in Hebrew and Greek for interpretation and reflection. It should be considered that the Bible was written in a different time and in a culture that is different from ours.

“There is some sort of ‘shock effect’ kasi ang mga pangyayari na naitala sa Bibliya ay sa Middle East,” she revealed.

Citing important passages and stories from the said Holy Book, she pointed out that these continue to happen in the present time, particularly the Book of Exodus. The usual stories highlighted in the Bible, she pointed out, “ay yung mga inaapi, walang pakinabang,nakakaranas ng panggigipit o nais burahin sa mapa, pero nanatiling buhay at iniuugnay sa kanilang pananampalataya sa Diyos.

She said that proof of this is what’s happening today in various parts of the world, like Syria and Myanmar, and the cases among Muslims and closer to home, the war in Marawi.

Bakit kaya patuloy ang kasaysayang ito na lumilikha ng mga taong walang lugar sa mundo?” she wondered aloud. “Ano ang maaari nating tugon?…tayo ay inililigtas at ang Diyos ay tapat.

She shared five one-liners summarizing what the Bible is all about in connection with BEC’s mission of building a Christian community: Tayo, Sila, Isang kasaysayan, Isang Diyos ng kasaysayan, and Isang tao lang tayo at isang Diyos.

She stressed that tayo pertains to the BEC membership, while sila are the people within their reach that need help–the Rosario’s in their midst.

Meanwhile, Australian missionary Sr. Patricia Fox, who attended the forum together with other members of the Solidarity of the Poor Network, commended the topic for the day.

Sa Bibliya nakikita ang tunay na Diyos na ang nais para sa atin ay kalayaan at katarungan,” she highlighted.

Issuing a personal message to the BECs present, she said, “Dapat tayo ay kumikilos nang sama-sama at hindi tayo pwede’ng maging manhid, dapat buksan ang ating mga puso sa mga daing ng mga inaapi, mga mahihirap.” (~Lulu Reclusado-Nario)


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