Oeconomus: Servant Leadership Rooted On Love Of God & Neighbor

St. Peter Parish Shrine of Leaders Rector and Diocese of Novaliches Oeconomus Rev. Fr. Marlou Lemaire during the BEC Nova Renewed Servant Forum Series held in the same parish last April 26, 2018. (Photo credit: Glenn Velasco)

Novaliches Oeconomus Rev. Fr. Marlou Lemaire emphasized that one must live by the two greatest commandments to be good servant leaders during the Renewed Servant Leadership Forum Series held at the St. Peter Parish Shrine of Leaders last April 26, 2018.

“Ang lahat po ng ating paglilingkod ay magiging ganap, totoo at makabuluhan lamang ‘pag ito ay naka-ugat sa ating pagmamahal sa Diyos,” stressed Fr. Lemaire, who also serves as the Shrine’s rector.

Speaking before the members of the Diocese of Novaliches Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC Nova) who spearheaded the event held in the Shrine’s Rev. Fr. Gerardo Tapiador Hall, the rector added that Stewardship must be fully understood from the mission of Jesus Christ, which we inherited during Baptism.

“We were all chosen by God to fulfill the three-point mission of His Son, Jesus Christ, and these are as priest, king and prophet,” he said.

He quoted Matthew 20:28 from the Bible that says, “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many,” then said, “maganda’ng pagnilayan niyo yan.”

He liberally cited other passages from the Bible that can serve as guide on what it takes to achieve servant leadership through a Biblical foundation. He reiterated that our love for God and other people must be expressed the way Jesus did.

“Like His self-emptying in Philippians 2:7,” Fr. Marlou said. “Our service must be demonstrated, selfless, ‘yung paglilingkod na pagkalimot sa sarili, parang isang nanay.”

He likewise explained in more detail the two feet of Christianity that will enable everyone to accomplish genuine servant leadership and actively participate in the ministry of Christ.

“These are the foot of prayer and the foot of charity, which is love in action,” he stressed. “Always do the will of God at kahit hindi kayo pari o madre, maging mabuting tao at mabuhay ng banal.”

“Once you love God the way Jesus did, service to others can be easily understood,” he concluded.

The fourth BEC Nova Servant Leadership forum started with parishioners from the different districts in the Diocese of Novaliches sharing their reports on the social ills found in their respective communities, pinpointed some ‘Rosarios’ in their midst, and gave suggestions on how to combat these ills. (~Lulu Reclusado-Nario)