Geniune Participation As A Community Urged In Year Of Clergy

A scene during the 3rd Renewed Servant Leadership Forum of the Diocese of Novaliches Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC Nova) last March 22, 2018. (Photo credit: Minnie Agdeppa)

Geniune participation as a community was the strong message conveyed during the Diocese of Novaliches Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC Nova) Renewed Servant Leadership Forum Series (RSLFS) held last March 22nd at the St. Peter Parish and Shrine of Leaders along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

Genuine participation, not as one but as a community, is the key to promoting the Word of God and translating it to good deeds that alleviate the lives of the Rosario’s in our midst was the central thought of the RSLFS speaker Bro. Leo Divinagracia, AA whose talk focused on “The Liturgy and the Sacraments.”

Rosario has become the poster girl of the poor and the helpless whose lives could have been saved and improved had there been concern and sympathy from the community.
Speaking in the Rev. Fr. Gerardo Tapiador Hall of the venue, Divinagracia said that participation comes in different forms, but what matters is that you do it actively and in unison with everyone.

He supported the The World Exposed video of His Emminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle played during the said gathering, stating that “attending Mass is not like watching TV.”
Examining further the story of Rosario, he wondered aloud why the name Rosario was used, adding it could have been any other name like Teresa or Mary Grace or even Aling Becky. He then took a rosary from his pocket saying that when broken, it is no longer a rosary but just a bead or set of beads. It then becomes useless, but it is a powerful prayer when whole.

He concluded that Rosario was the name used to delineate how members of a community must participate and truly get involved, just like the beads of a rosary, the perfect symbol of unity.

“Rosario ang ginamit na pangalan dahil eto ang rosaryo’ng gust’ng mangyari sa community,” he said. “Hindi rosaryo na putol-putol, kailangan ng participation ng community, isang community na hindi makasarili.”

Bro. Divinagracia added that this is the challenge everyone must face.

“Your role as lay is important,” he said, acknowledging BEC Nova’s activities in their respective communities.

Wrapping up the forum was an exchange of lessons learned based on the talks; and the plotting of activities corresponding to the liturgical year for the benefit of their respective communities’ Rosario’s. (~Lulu Reclusado-Nario)