TV Host Teaches Media Camp 2018 Participants To Be Value Driven

Renowned broadcaster Ms. Maria Mercedes “Chi-Chi” Robles shares tips in smart hosting at the SocComm Nova Media Camp 2018 held in La Mesa Ecopark, Q.C. (Photo credit: Annaliza Bruce)

A renowned TV host, educator, and accomplished Media practitioner is now helping professionalize Catholic Communicators through a talk she gave in the recently concluded 2nd SocComm Nova Communications Camp (Media Camp 2018) held in La Mesa Ecopark Eco Adademy Hall last May 5, 2018.

“You will be facing your audience once. You will be talking once, it is important that they will be able to remember you,” shared Ms. Maria Mercedes Robles in Filipino to the Year 2 participants of the Media Camp 2018.

Speaking on the topic “Get Them Hooked: The Five Secrets to Smart Tv Hosting”, Ms. Robles emphasized that to be able to report well for TV is a good indicator in discerning whether one is being called by the Lord to TV or video hosting. She narrated how she developed her career by listening to the call of our Lord to be a TV Host. She started out from radio and eventually went into television hosting.

She greatly emphasized her realization that a Media professional, especially one in the Church Media, should be values- and virtues-driven to be a successful. She reminded that people will more often remember what they see if they like or dislike what they have seen.

She revealed the five secrets–Five V’s–that one must develop: Vision, Voice, Visuals, Values, and Virtues. Vision refers to the environment or situation one has to work in. Voice emphasized focus on projection, pronunciation, pacing and phrasing. While Visuals basically stand for overall look and projection of the host on camera.

Moreoer, she emphasized on Values and Virtues. According to her, these are the most difficult to develop but the most important if one is to be successful in being a smart television host. Values refer to a person’s credibility, competence, confidence, and concern. Virtues refer to faith, hope, charity, prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance that one must develop in engaging the Media.

A television host, according to Ms. Robles, also shows these virtues unconsciously as the host appears on camera: the way the host interacts with guests for interviews and the reactions the host makes in unavoidable circumstances. All of which can catch the eyes of the viewers and are more often remembered.

Moreover, she emphasized the great need to always begin the hosting work with a prayer but reminded participants that it is useless if one does not do his/her homework.

The Year 2 participants or Campers are the group of Parish Social Communications (SocComm) volunteers who have attended the 1st Communications Camp at the Notre Dame de Vie Retreat Center last May 19-20, 2017. The Media Camp is a yearly required formation for all parish based media volunteers of the Diocese of Novaliches that aims to equip them with the necessary skill and values but also intends to promote the celebration of World Communications Day (WCD), which always falls on Ascension Sunday. This year, this will be on May 13, 2018. (~Glenn Velasco)