MediaCamp2018 International Speaker Admonishes Use Of Pope Francis’ Journalism of Peace

EWTN Asia Pacific Marketing Manager Mr. Edwin Lopez gives a talk on the 52nd World Communications Day Message of Pope Francis during the 2nd SocComm Nova Communications Camp held at the La Mesa Ecopark last May 4-5, 2018. (Photo credit: Adrian Manangan)

Renowned speaker Mr. Edwin Lopez of EWTN Asia admonished the participants of the 2nd SocComm Nova Communications Camp last May 4, 2018 held at the La Mesa Ecopark in Fairview, Q.C. to focus on the ‘Journalism of Peace’ at a time when fake news, lies, and other assaults in the various Media platforms occur.

The talk, entitled “Living The Word: A Reflection On The 52nd World Communications Day Message”, was given to both newbies (first time attendees) as well as campers (attendees of the 1st Media Camp) during the joint session of the two-day Media Camp.

Hope is the confident realization that God has a better plan,” reminds Mr. Lopez quoting Saint John Paul II.

He emphasized that the way to address the proliferation of fake news masquerading as the truth in many Social Media platforms, the culture of impunity, and the prevalence of a culture that has become immune to many anti-Catholic and -Christian values–cultures that promote same sex marriage, divorce, and many others through the use of Media–is through the ‘Journalism of Peace’ found in Pope Francis’ 52nd World Communications Day Message.

The odds may be bleak, according to Mr. Lopez, but hope gives each one of us the confidence to move forward and do what is good while it emphasizes the role of the communicator in this day and age. He further affirmed that our situation today calls for a spiritual response as these ills are all rooted in the father of lies, Satan, deceiving mankind through technology. He also quoted Pope Francis: “Avoid dialogues with the devil” and went to on to elaborate how we often deal with the devil in our day to day Media experiences.

He cited how EWTN managed to continue serving the Lord despite the odds against them, such as when they joined the Cable Networks Convention where they are the only Catholic Cable Network. EWTN was advised to tone down its being a Catholic Network and to vary their tokens by not focusing too much on religion. The network went on to provide an intention box and had a priest dressed in soutane and ready to give confession or counselling to anyone who needs it. It became the most visited booth with lines of people queueing just to see their booth. He emphasized people are hungry for the truth–the presence of God–and not some entertainment that will just give fleeting relief.

The Communications Camp is a yearly required formation of the Diocese of Novaliches Social Communications and Media Ministry (SocComm Nova) for all parish based media volunteers of. It aims to provide the necessary skills development and Catholic learnings while jumpstarts the celebration of the annual World Communications Day. An exhibit runs for an entire week after the actual Camp and culminates on World Communications Day, Ascension Sunday. (~Glenn Velasco)