NMC 2017: Are We Ready To ‘Build A Digital Church’?

Ms. Mari Arambulo demonstrates the power of digital data collected by companies from consumer behavior online during NMC 2017’s Day 3 last August 16, 2017 in Lahug, Cebu. (Photo credit: Glenn Velasco)

“We live in a world of algorithms” quipped Ms. Mari Angelyn Arambulo, one of the speakers of The Power of Pocket Film Making for the third day of the 3rd National Media Convention held at the Betania Retreat House last August 16, 2017.

Giving a seminar on Building A Digital Church, she revealed how online behavior helps companies devise and tailor-suit marketing strategies and communications for each consumer such as what mobile apps to use and what item to purchase.

She presented how gadgets used by consumers gather and collate data for companies based on consumer preferences that help the former define which products would sell. She even said that given the right algorithm, companies can predict which products would be of interest to many consumers.

Atty. Ian Maticajon gives an overview of pocket film making using SmartPhones duirng NMC 2017. (Photo credit: Glenn Velasco)

In addition, she also distinguished the Millenials and from the GenZs and the importance of knowing how to communicate to each as a means to successfully deliver the Gospel.

Millenials, according to Ms. Arambulo, are the ones who are “always online”, are “experience collectors”, are not brand conscious but image conscious, and are generous in supporting certain causes online. She stressed that given the growth and the gamut of the information available on the Internet, the presence of the Church online becomes more relevant.

She outlined how the Vatican has been using the Internet to reach out to its followers. These are: (1) to forward information to its followers, (2) to listen to their (followers’) desires and to know the people’s struggles, (3) as a vehicle of dialogue to have mutual respect and humanize the Internet, (4) to be good neighbors, and (5) as a source of encouragement.

Ms. Ligaya Rabago shares years of experience as an actress in theatre and film for her talk on Building Character during NMC 2017. (Photo credit: Glenn Velasco)

She stressed that the Church must target those who no longer have the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), and has the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO) as these are the people who are actually reflecting on their lives–connected with the world but in search of a deeper meaning to their existence.

She also emphasized the rising role of the video format in publishing over the Internet and how many companies are “incentivising” the use of such technologies such as FB Live and Twitter Live.

Aside from Ms. Arambulo, the three other speakers on The Power Of Pocket Film Making where U.P. Cebu’s Professor Atty. Ian Manticajon who gave an introduction on the subject; veteran actress Ms. Ligaya Rabago who delved on Character Development for the artistic aspect of effective acting for film; and Ms. Chloe Veloso who synthesized all the talks of the day with her Basic Screenplay and Cinematography. (~Glenn Velasco)

Ms. Chloe Veloso details the basics that make pocket filming a success with her talk on Basic Screenplay and Cinematography during NMC 2017’s Day 3 last August 16, 2017. (Photo credit: Glenn Velasco)