NMC 2017 Pushes Poetry In Communicating God’s Word 

Former Judge Simeon Dumdum, Jr. shares his experience in using Poetry to proclaim the Gospel during NMC 2017’s Day 2 in Cebu. (Photo credit: Maria Lourdes Nario)

Poetry, as a form of Communication, could be an effective tool in communicating the Word of God, declared a former judge to the participants of the 3rd National Media Convention Day 2 Breakout Session on Poetry held at the Betania Retreat House (BRH) in Lahug, Cebu last August 15, 2017.

Talking from experience, former Judge Simeon Dumdum, Jr. put emphasis on the purpose of Poetry, which is “to reach other people and touch their hearts.”

He then gave some pointers on how to turn religious inspirations or experiences into effective poetry, such as: (1) Don’t put too many things in your poem–drop too much froufrou; (2) It must have rhythm, cadence, music when read aloud; (3) Do not make an outline, writing a poem is a process; (4) Revise, revise and revise. Clean the lines and rework for clarity and freshness; and (5) Do not philosophize nor preach. Moral statements put off people.

“Shake off generalizations and go for the specifics. It’s the details that make experiences unique and compelling,” he added. “There’s no limit to what you can write about in poems and it is fun writing them.”

He also shared the basics of poetry writing, revealed that a poet’s education is mostly self-taught, and reminded that one cannot make a living writing poems.

“Writing poetry is more like an avocation and you teach yourself through reading and writing poetry itself. But the craft of careful writing and meticulous revision can be taught” Judge Dumdum emphasized.

Completing the track on Poetry was the talk of Desiree Balota, a rising poetess and current Chair of the Women’s Literary Arts, on Spoken Word or Performance Poetry. Concurrent to the Poetry Track was the Track on Song Writing on the morning of the said day held in the Holy Family Retreat House (HFRH). In the afternoon, the Theatre Track was held in BRH simultaneously with Radio Drama in HFRH. (~Lulu Reclusado-Nario)