Year Of BEC 2017 Awards’ Registration Extended

YearOfBEC2017TieUp_Webback4DioNovaWebThe Basic Ecclesial Communities of the Diocese of Novaliches (BEC Nova) has decided to extend the registration for two of its competitions launched for the Year of the Parish as Communion of Communities, otherwise known as Year of BEC 2017.

The Registration Period for the Mga Mumunting Kwentong BEC (MMKB), a video-making competition, and the Gawad Himig Bukluran (GHB) Award, a song writing and singing competition, has been extended to April 22, 2017 from its original March 15, 2017 deadline.

The extension was in consideration of the many activities parishes were engaged in this month such as the Diocesan General Evaluation Project’s (DEP 2017) Parish Focus Group Discussions, Lenten Recollections, and preparations for the upcoming Holy Week.

To help parishes become more aware of the Awards, a string of video teasers on each competition are on its way to be released through the Diocesan YouTube Channel and Facebook accounts that go hand-in-hand with articles published in the Diocesan Website and the Year of the BEC Blog Site. A weekly text and email blast are also being sent by the Social Communications and Media Ministry of the Diocese of Novaliches (SocComm Nova), who actually is BEC Nova’s partner in formulating and executing the said awards.

“How To Join” videos beginning with the Paano Sumali Sa #MMKB training video was released to help those who are not techie become aware of how to join the competition.

On top of all these, “BEC 101” videos will also be released to help more people become aware of BECs and its importance in the life of each person and the Catholic Church. These videos and the Awards itself are part of the overall awareness campaign of BEC Nova and SocComm Nova to promote the Year of the BEC 2017 to Netizens. (~Minnie Agdeppa)