WACOM 4 Elderly Delegate Reveals St. Faustina Miracle

Clemencia Dela Torre with another delegate pose awhile during the afternoon talks of WACOM 4 held in UST last January 17, 2017


Meron akong dinadala pero kaya…until, finally, St. Faustina made a miracle in my life!” Exclaimed Clemencia Dela Torre during an interview conducted on Day 2 of the 4th World Apostolic Congress On Mercy (WACOM 4) held at the Quadricentennial Building of the University of Sto. Tomas last January 17, 2017.

The oldest amongst the delegation of the Diocese of Novaliches to WACOM 4, the 82-year old Dela Torre revealed how St. Faustina reconciled her and her son after three years of total no communication.

Yung anak ko sa America, we had some  feud. Umuwi ako dito. For three years, hindi ako natawag, hindi rin siya natawag,” she began her story, narrating that she had six children–all boys–and four of whom were in the United States.

She said the miracle involved her son that belonged to San Diego, California’s Good Shepherd Parish. Coincidentally, her parish is the Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd in Fairview Park, Q.C. She would pray the Divine Mercy daily in her parish for her son until one day he finally called.

Sabi niya, ‘Meron ka bang madreng kaibigan diyan o mother na kamag-anak?‘ ” she narrated when her son called her out of the blue. It seemed that her son used this as his opening salvo to share what actually happened to him.

Her son said he saw a nun inside his house in California when he got out of his children’s room. The nun was smiling at him while seated on the baby chair. So he rubbed off his eyes and she was gone. Thinking it was nothing, he then proceeded down the house to the dining room. Surprisingly, the nun was there, smiling at him. But he ignored what he saw and went on with what he needed to do.

Later that day, her son got a phone call from his parish asking if he could give Catechism to children. He agreed having the educational background for it. He then went immediately to the Parish. As soon as he arrived, the clerk said she needed to leave him for five minutes to attend to something and asked him to wait by her desk.

A picture on the desk immediately caught his attention when he sat down. It was the nun he saw inside his house. Then the clerk returned and told him, “I’m sorry but I have to say the Three O’Clock Prayer that’s why I had to leave you.”

Sabi ng anak ko, ‘Who is this nun?’, (to which the clerk replied) ‘Oh that is the St. Faustina of the Divine Mercy!’ ” Dela Torre said full of excitement, then quipped, “I was attending (DMA) but he does not know it–no communication. Now we are okay.”

A member of the Divine Mercy Apostolate (DMA) of the Diocese of Novaliches since 2004, the bubbly elderly shared that she has been attending their organization’s meetings religiously and has even taken their formation–called chapters–“three times over” with now-WACOM 4 Executive Secretary Monina Tayamen, OCDS, who is also from the Diocese of Novaliches.

Previously the Diocesan DMA Treasurer, she said she had to stop because she became sickly with Pneumonia having not been accustomed to going to slum areas due to her very affluent background. Now a widow, she admits everything changed including limiting her involvement to the DMA when it came to joining the WACOM due to its financial costs.

WACOM 4, then, is her first time to attend after being a DMA member of 12 years. Despite encountering inconveniences and overcome physical limitations at her age, she she said she actually prayed for it.

Sabi ko ibigay Mo po siya (WACOM 4) sa akin because I might not be able to attend another one,” she said.

Aside from Dela Torre, Diocesan DMA Lay Coordinator Linda Villamor said that there were numerous miracles attested to by members over the years like the complete healing of cancer patients. She also said that most of their members, like her, belonged to the elderly who regard the devotion as preparation to “see the Face Of Jesus” in the next life.

Hopefully, WACOM 4, will change all of that by inspiring the Young–from Clergy, Religious, and Lay–to be devotees of the Divine Mercy, too. (~Minnie Agdeppa)