The Bishops Homily – Day 9 Misa De Gallo

Day Nine: Misa De Gallo
24 December 2016 and the night before (Simbang Gabi)
2 Sam. 7:1-16
Lk. 1:67-79

Introduction:  From every parish and BEC’s, let us on this last Dawn Mass (Misa de Gallo) and its Anticipated Simbang Gabi, raise our voices in prayer to Jesus: “Come quickly, Lord Jesus, and do not delay” and with Zachariah say: “Blessed be the Lord for he has visited and brought redemption to his people!” As we end this Novena of Dawn Masses (Misa de Gallo) and of the Anticipated Masses (Simbang Gabi) and start our celebration of Christmas, let us review how our parishes and BEC’s have been fairing.

(1)    Let us ponder on the REALITIES within and outside of the Parishes and BEC’s: What is sustaining their growth and development? What are the hindrances and obstacles? Is it the people? The priests or the Religious Community? The programs and activities? The management, the structure, the logistics?

(2)    Discovering now the realities, what can be renewed? What has to go? What has to change? What has to be maintained? What needs to be strengthened? If everything is on the go, the Parish can then arrive at a rebirth!

(3)    Going through the process of review and re-thinking, the Parishes and the BECs become a well-spring of new life where mercy can be found through the PREX (Parish Renewal Experience). As regards the BECs, call help from the BEC Office at the Chancery such people as the BEC Priest Director, Fr. Tony de la Cruz, or Bro. Karl Comiling, our BEC Animator or Bro Joe Mar Maulion, our BEC Lay Coordinator and the BEC Religious Coordinator, Sr. Cristina Pranata!

Conclusion:  May our parishes and BECs truly become oases and well-springs of renewal and mercy!

Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, DD
Bishop of Novaliches