The Bishops Homily – Day 8 Misa De Gallo

Day Eight: Misa De Gallo
23 December 2016 and the night before (Simbang Gabi)
Mal. 3: 1-4; 23-24
Lk. 1: 57-66

Introduction: The 8th Day of Simbang Gabi/Misa de Gallo highlights the example of Zachary, now a converted man, silently witnessing the unfolding of God’s promise of liberation, brought to us now through the Eucharist.

(1) The Eucharist is the source of renewal for the individuals and BEC groups. The sustaining power of every group, community and every Christian movement, a force to overcome indifference and complacency, to reach out to the lost and hopeless; an inspiration to share from one’s needs, and heed with joy the cries of the helpless.

(2) The Eucharist is the poverty of Jesus disturbing the complacency of the wealthy; it is the wealthy sacrificing house, family, and fortune to lift up the poor from their poverty. It is the Word of God inviting the confused, the lonely, the bored, the suffering to the joy of the Gospel. It is God’s life humanized in his Incarnation; it is human life divinized in his suffering, death, and resurrection. It is the compassion of the Father touching the life of the sinner; the conversion of the sinner practicing the compassion of the Savior.

(3) The gratuitous love of God overflows in the Eucharist. This should inspire us to participate more frequently in the Mass. Our leaders and members should grow in this as they become more involved in the activities of the parish. One sign of the maturing process of our leaders is their increasing participation in the Eucharist and a corresponding attitude of gratefulness and thanksgiving, generosity and giving of themselves.

Conclusion: Participating in the celebration of the Eucharist is the source of communion.

Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, DD
Bishop of Novaliches